Sunday December 2nd, Exhausted!!

Sunday came and the exhaustion set in even more. Even though we had a nice dinner without the kids (they were at home with Mimi and Pops) and managed to be in bed by 10pm on Saturday night, we were still completely exhausted from everything building up to the Marathon Weekend. We had as much fun as we could handle and I think we finally hit the wall and collapsed!

The crazy thing was that Craig had to leave town on a business trip around noon and two of the three kids had birthday parties at the same time Sunday afternoon. They both had fun at the parties and Craig even managed to go to a Dallas Cowboys game before his conference started. However, the best part of the day was when the clock read 8:30pm and all three of the kids were sound asleep!!! That's when I went to work on laundry for the weekend and attempted to get the house back together; it's still not in great shape, but a little better. 

The pictures I was loading last night got cut off for "reaching my maximum limit" and so did the video of Rick Shadyac and Craig talking. Imagine that! Since that happened, I decided that I would add more pictures (after buying more storage) from the weekend to this post! We've also been hearing from other runners that received "Ingy bands" and it's so encouraging to hear what St. Jude means to others! I also think we have started some kind of tradition within our family and friends (this also includes strangers that are now friends), and we couldn't be more excited about it!

Check out this 20 second clip that shows just a "Teutsch" of the excitement at the Team Ingram Cheering Station for the races! This is a video clip from Rob Teutsch titled "Ingram The Conqueror Atop Craig The Lion Hearted!" 



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