Wednesday December 12th, Taking It Easy...Again!

Ingram slept in his bed by himself last night and didn't come down until 6:55am; that's a cause for celebration over here at the Dismuke house!  We think we've figured out what the key to him being in his room at night is and we're trying it again tonight to see if it works.  Instead of closing his door all the way, he likes to have it open a little for some reason and he even lays down by himself without one of us or the girls laying with him until he falls asleep.  Guess we'll have to see what happens tonight, but we're hoping this is it!

To reward himself for such a good night's sleep, we did absolutely nothing again and stayed in our pajamas!  We colored pictures, played with Beau, played Wii Car (Mario Kart), and watched a Christmas movie.  We must have worn ourselves out because we also turned off the TV and both fell asleep upstairs in the back on the couch.  Then the girls got home from school and the house was alive again with noise as we did homework and had snacks.  Once they were finished with homework, we watched another movie; we're really taking advantage of not having stuff to do after school right now and it's great!

Beau Likes To Sneak In And Give "Good Morning" Sugars!!

Of Course Beau Isn't The Only One Stealing Sugars Around Here! 
We Can't Seem To Quit Give Hugs And Kisses To Ingram And He Does The Same!
You Just Have To Be On The Lookout For Puppy Dog Kisses That He Likes To Give!!

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