Tuesday December 4th, Back To School!!

Ingram had so much fun today at school!  Craig surprised us and came back home to help take Ingram to school.  The funny thing about that is that Ingram walked right in his room and started doing his stuff while Craig was the one lingering in the doorway!  He was so cute (I'm talking about Craig) and just watched Ingram talk to everyone and put his stuff away.  Finally, I had to ask Craig if he was ready to leave yet.  I guess today Daddy had the nervous energy with leaving Ingram knowing that he was having his first full day of school!

After we finally left, we came back home and sat down... and stayed there for quite a while just sitting down and doing nothing.  That never happens;  I was even having trouble remembering the last time that I sat down and honestly I never came up with it.  I was sitting in the big chair talking to Craig and Beau jumped up in my lap.  He was like, "Wow! I've got her all to myself!"  When I stopped petting him, he (Beau that is, for some reason I feel like I needed to clarify who the "he" was) would grab my hand with his mouth to get me to start petting him again.  He did the same thing to Craig so we just sat on the couch, talked about different things we wanted to do, and pet Beau for a while.  I guess you could say it was relaxing and I'm not sure when the last time that happened was!

When I picked Ingram up from school, I asked him if he wanted to come back again and he said "Yes!" super loud for everyone to hear.  Oh, I was so glad he loved it and he talked non-stop about all the things he did on the way to get ice cream - you know, the famous Dismuke "first day of school" treat!  We were finishing up and about to leave when sweet Ramsey walked in the door with her mom Alicia.  So of course, we stayed and the kids ran around the store for a bit before we headed home to wait on the girls.  Ingram was some kind of tired but with the business of homework, dinner, and a movie, he managed to stay awake until 8:30pm before he crashed on the floor of the girls' room.  We love all the things we do after school like soccer, homework, more soccer, and more homework, but we're really excited about having nothing to do for the rest of the semester after school except hanging out with each other and watching Christmas movies...hopefully every night!

Such A Sweet Daddy To Come Back Home To Take Us To School!

Ingram Leading The Pack Down The Hall To His Room!
Every Time He Sees A Cute Blonde With A Big Hair bow, He Hollers "Lola!"
Guess You Can See Why Now!

Thank Goodness Stella Bosworth Is Such A Sweetheart!
Ingram Jumped In Front Of Her To Hug His Miss Jennifer Before He Went To His New Class.

And Then He Just Started Talking And Telling Her All Sorts Of Things!
As You Can See, He Uses His Hands to Talk, Just Like His Dad

And He's Still Talking!
Poor Stella, She Was Just Listening And Watching And
Waiting So Politely For Her Turn To Go In Her Room!
Ingram's Story Was Just Sooooo Important!

Nolan Was Helping Ingram Find A Spot In The Cubby For His Bag;
Of Course, He Wanted Ingram's Bag To Be Right Next To His!

Playing On The Playground With Another Pretty Blonde!
We Just Love Ramsey's Smile!
First Day Of School Treat!

Ramsey And Ingram Playing Follow The Leader In TCBY!

Now They're Just Making Silly Faces Letting Rain Drop On Their Heads!

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  1. So happy that Ingram's back at school. Looks like fun!
    And congrats to Beau, who is FINALLY getting his day. ;-) Hopefully he gets another one tomorrow.