Friday December 7th, Starting The Birthday Party...Early!!

My kids know me so well...wake me up in bed with breakfast and snuggles and I'm a happy camper, even when I've only had a few hours of sleep and after a rough few days.  But today was a good day for everyone and it was the beginning of Lindsey's 9th birthday celebration too!  Lindsey had been looking forward to today for a long time because she knew that we would be bringing lunch and cookies to her class for her special day and she was all smiles when she saw us!

After a fun lunch with Lindsey and Jacinta and cookie delivery to all her classmates, we stayed for Madison's lunch too.  As usual, Ingram's time at school was a blast and he walked around giving out hugs and high-fives all over. He also got a lot of rubbing on his head since his hair is growing in and it's just so cute.  We had extra cookies and Ingram passed out a cookie to everyone in Madison's class plus Noah (our neighbor in another 5th grade class) before we headed home for a much needed nap.  After all, if we were going to be having a lot of fun tonight - including an indoor soccer game for Madison - we were both going to need a little rest! 

We had the Acuff kids and Elizabeth Smith over for the night and also "friend-napped" Emily Whelan after the soccer game and had a blast playing and eating dinner with them.  Everyone loves having friends over because it entertains the kids all at once and it creates lots of noise to keep us distracted from reality!

Breakfast Of Champions...Or At Least Of This Mommy!

They Even Made Breakfast For Ingram And Included His Throw-Up Medicine!
They Know Him All Too Well!!

It Was Like She Was In Slow Motion!!!
She Was Running, Smiling, And Hair All Flying!!

Lindsey And Jacinta!
Celebrating Bullfrog Style!

Madison's Fifth Grade Class...With Shorty The Dinosaur In The Middle!

Madison (#21) Smack Dab In The Middle Of The Game!

We Love Having The House Filled With Laughter!
And Trust Me, There Was A Lot Of It Going On Tonight!

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