Monday December 17th, Santa!

The big event today revolved around taking the kids to see Santa!  On the way there, we sort of had an impromptu Christmas Carol singing in the car, but the kicker here was that we all made up our own songs.  I'm not sure whose song was better, but they were all interesting to say the least!  All five of us sang, but I won't say who was cut off short and told to stop'd be surprised I think. 

It was crazy at Santa's Shop because it was also "Pet Night" and there were tons of dogs with their owners to get their pictures too.  Some of the dogs had kids with them too and the whole family tried to get a picture with Santa; those were amusing to watch, especially when it was the pet, instead of the kids, not looking at the camera.  We saw Santa after waiting for over an hour and the kids got to talk to him and of course Ingram tells him about St. Jude and shows off his stellar tattoo that he had put on this morning. 

Since we only had one more morning to get up for school, we let the kids stay up way too late on a school night and watched a Christmas movie with them.  They were kind of laid out like a sleigh while they were watching the movie and I was sitting on the couch sealing envelopes for our Christmas card.  I'm including it in the bottom of the page because our computer crashed and took all the addresses with it and I know I'll forget people.  I know, I should back up our files, but it's a little too late for that not, hopefully, next year will be better for our computers since both our laptop AND desktop blew up this year!

Entertaining Themselves During The LONG Wait!

Santa And The Crew!

Move Mommy!!
We Can't See The Movie At All!

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