Wednesday December 26th, Pajama Day...Almost!

Other than Craig having to be at work at the crack of dawn, the rest of the house slept till after 9am this morning!  It was so hard to get out of the bed today with the icky rain/snow falling and the cold cold air, but we managed to do it.  Ingram and Lindsey were the first ones up and of course I heard them as soon as they came down and so did Beau.  I think Beau was excited to finally be out of his kennel since that was the latest he's been stuck in there! 

G-Mommy, G-Daddy, and Madison were still asleep so we tried to stay quiet so they could keep sleeping.  Once they were up, Ingram and Lindsey started playing with toys and eating candy; I figured we all could use a little chocolate so I joined in too!  Little did I know Madison was also awake now and playing on her computer and eating candy in her room too.  She came downstairs to hang out with us and Beau snuck upstairs without anyone knowing and ate almost a whole bag of Skittles and I'm not talking a small bag from the gas station; it was the real deal big bag from the store and it was almost gone.  I guess as a natural consequence, Beau spent the majority of the day outside throwing up, but we at least gave him his dog bed so he could snuggle up in it.  I think there are at least four or five different throw up piles upstairs and we don't think he's back to normal yet!

Another interesting part of today was a last minute visit to Dr. Joe Rowland, our favorite Opthamologist and family friend!  It has become a standing joke with our family that someone, most notably G-Daddy, will need to make Joe come to his office at some obscene hour and take care of an eye-related emergency.  He even gave Craig's dad a hard time (all in love) and was trying to "schedule" the emergency visit because he had some things he needed to do with his family, but still wanted to be available to take care of all our our eye care needs.  This year was no different and there was a Dismuke in need of emergency, but there were two changes in the wasn't G-Daddy and it wasn't on Christmas.  Ingram (his full name is Keith Ingram Dismuke II and was named after G-Daddy) was the one that needed an emergency visit, but at least he waited until the day after Christmas for his emergency! 

Ingram was using a knife to open a present (I know, I know...I was in the other room making the bed and he took things into his own hands!) and it slipped and hit his eye somehow.  I immediately heard the screaming, but there was no blood or anything and he calmed down after a few minutes and explained what he did.  He complained and cried about it off and on all day and we ended up calling our clinic for direction.  They didn't want us to go to the ER for all the nasty germs and flu bugs going around, but we needed to be seen to figure out what exactly happened and they didn't have an "eye guy" in house then. 

Who'd we think of first?  Dr. Joe Rowland of course!  About an hour later, Ingram was sitting in Joe's chair letting him check out his eye and he realized he had a scratch on his cornea.  After a numbing/stain drop, he was able to see that a pretty big corneal abrasion (big cut) and said it was one that would make any of us cry.  Ingram was a great patient as usual and even had fun letting us take pictures of it so that he could see it on the phone.  Before we left, he made a trip to the treasure box so that he could get a treat for his girls because he just knew they would love a treat...and he was right!  Spongebob and Ironman ink stamper toys and Passons Eye Center pens for all three kids plus pictures of his eye and Dr. Joe made an unhappy little guy feel better.

He's Such A Trooper!
Not Ingram, I'm Talking About Joe!
He Never Stops Helping People...Even If It Becomes A Holiday Habit!
Ingram's A Stud Too Though!

Yep, There It Is!
The Round Bright Green Circle On His Eye Is The Stain Showing The Cut.
Pretty Big Cut But He's Doing Great!

Oh Yeah! 
Picking From The Treasure Box For His Girls
In His Christmas Dinosaur Pajamas!
He Still Was Having A Pajama Day!

Ingram And Dr. Joe Rowland!
If You Live Nearby And Need An Opthamologist...

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