Friday April 13th, Sleep

Friday was a great day like Wednesday. We didn’t have to go anywhere and didn’t have anything to do so we stayed in our pajamas for a good portion of the day. Our morning was filled with lots of coloring, cartoon watching, and then a little afternoon nap to top it all off. Both Madison and Lindsey have “Bible Club” that meets each Friday afterschool at two different houses and they both wanted Ingram to go to their meeting. We rode in the wagon down to Lindsey’s Bible Club and she showed off her brother and then we picked up Madison from hers and she showed off her brother too. We finished the night off with dinner at home and a movie. I couldn’t tell you much about the movie because for the first time in my life, I think I fell asleep before my kids. I was even in the same chair as one of them and woke up in my bed.

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