Wednesday April 11th, New Diagnosis

It was a great first day at home. The girls of course had school, but were begging to stay home and play with their Ingram. I almost caved in, but knew they would be so excited to tell all their friends that Ingram was home. Ingram once again woke up asking for food and that’s always a good sign in my book. We spent Wednesday with Ingram and Craig watching Cars in the big chair together, Ingram coloring all sorts of pictures for his friends and for us, and of course keeping Beau off of Ingram and keeping Ingram from climbing up the cabinets. Things were starting to look like the normal chaos at the Dismuke house and we couldn’t be happier! I took the girls a special lunch to school and they both wanted to show all their friends the pictures of their brother. Really, they wanted him to come to the school and eat with them, but if you’ve been inside an elementary school cafeteria, you know why I said “NO!” I spent an hour answering all the questions that second and fourth graders could have and helped our girls feel better with being able to show their friends pictures of their little man. We spent the rest of the day doing normal things around the house and Ingram even took an afternoon that was more than an hour. The girls got home from school and were super excited to be greeted by their little man when they got off the bus. He was moving around more and starting to sneak around the house and do more things on his own. Needless to say, it took all of us to keep an eye on his as he kept getting faster with every hour that passed. We were having a really great day until another phone call. The doctors had their meeting today and were leaning away from medulloblastoma, thinking that it might be a different type of brain tumor, an anaplastic ependymoma. This type was still malignant like a medullo is, but this is potentially more aggressive and our night was not as exciting after that conversation. We finally got the girls in bed around 9:30 and then stayed up with Ingram till about 10:30 playing with trains and making a really cool train track through the den.

The Kids with Beau and Balloons from the Calhouns

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