Monday April 30th, What a Day!

We have had such a fun day here at the Dismuke house.  Last night, my mother, also known as Mimi, came into town to spend a few days with us and Craig's mom, also known as G-mommy, will be here for the last half of the week.  It's almost like the holidays with family around, especially if you add all the presents on top of that.  They both live out of town and when they're here, you can be guaranteed that we've asked them to come and help out with the kids.

Our original schedule changed and we were off today instead of starting Radiation.  It was a great day to be off too; it was a beautiful day with not-to-much sunshine and plenty of playing for Ingram.  He played baseball in the yard (shocking, I know) and painted on the back porch with Mimi (Mimi's not even the artsy type...don't tell her I said that because I might get in trouble)!  We also had company that came to visit a bit and when that happened, Beau decided that it was his turn to paint; let's just say red paint looks pretty good on a black and white dog. 

Since mom was here, I ran all over town knocking out a list a mile long.  It was kind of nice to get a ton of things taken care of because once Wednesday rolls around, the only days off will be Saturdays and Sundays and we don't really know how Ingram will react to the treatments.  I guess in my head, today was the last normal day we're going to have, but even it wasn't normal if you know what I mean.  Neither of our families live in town, so to have them here is abnormal and means that a lot happening and we need extra help.  

Oh, so I'm not sure if I told this or not, but Lindsey hurt her ankle during Madion's party Saturday at SkyZone If you're not familiar with SkyZone, it is basically "Trampolines on Steroids" inside a warehouse and keeps the Orthopedic docs in business.  She stayed off her foot the rest of Saturday and we were thinking this may be bad.  Well, Sunday the swelling had gone down a little and she was putting pressure on it and somehow she talked Craig into taking her back to SkyZone for a friends birthday party.  We can just say here that I didn't think it was a good idea, but they had fun so that's great.  Sunday night she started limping again and continued to limp Monday morning; she went to school, then to soccer practice, then called me and said it was really hurting and I needed to take her to the doctor.  So I finally gave in and took her to our orthopedic clinic to their nightly walk-in clinic and lol and behold she's in a boot now.  These sort of things are normal for our kids, wait no really for our whole family because someone is always getting really hurt, so it doesn't really phase me anymore.  It's happened so much that it's just another co-pay to make and funny picture to take.  So in honor of Lindsey saying "I told you so Mommy" about a thousand times, check out the picture below and you can see how excited she is about being the center of attention...oh sorry, I meant how excited she is about having a boot.

"I Get a Boot!  I Get a Boot!"


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