Thursday March 29th, The First Headache

Ingram’s teacher from Preschool called and said that he had a headache and needed for me to come check on him; he was crying a lot and not really acting like his normal, happy self. We (Madison was with me since she was still at home from having the flu) picked him up from preschool, came home, and then watched a movie with Madison before he took his nap. Thursday night he had another headache so we stayed home from Madison and Lindsey’s soccer game and just rested. When he has had the headaches, he would cry a lot and sometimes throw up, but was always very hard to console. Each one lasted for 5 to 10 minutes and included really hard crying, big tears. Then he would be exhausted and half the time would just go to bed. (For you mothers who are going to worry when your child has a headache, don’t worry, these headaches are unmistakable).

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