Thursday April 5th, Men Praying

We had no procedures that day so we just played and took tours of the hospital in our wagon. Our girls came to the hospital that afternoon and the Child Life Specialist went through a book with real pictures to show Madison, Lindsey, and Ingram what everything would look like before, during, and after surgery. They had pictures of the elevator he would ride down, the hallway he would go through to pick out a toy, the pictures on the wall in the pre-op area, the operating room, the lights on the ceiling, what the doctors and nurses would look like with and without masks on. Child Life even had hats, gloves, and masks for all three of the kids to wear. They let them smell the different scents that Ingram could pick from for his “sleepy gas.” After smelling them all, we all decided that the root beer was awful; the girls choose cherry and Ingram choose orange. That evening, about 15 guys came up to anoint and pray over Ingram; I had the privilege of holding Ingram in my lap as they poured out their hearts to God for my son, my daughters, my husband and myself. They also prayed for God’s will to be done and that we would accept whatever happened during the surgery as God’s plan for Ingram. They prayed for our surgeons and other doctors that would be in the operating room, for the operating room staff that came in on a holiday so that Ingram could have his surgery as soon as possible, for the recovery room staff, and also for the ICU staff that would be taking care of Ingram right after surgery. I have never been so touched by prayers before in my life; there is something very special about hearing the hearts of men crying out to God on behalf of my only son.

Shad Berry, Pete Smith, Lynn Ballinger, Glynn Jones, Keith Dismuke, Britton Wilkins,
Chris Rowland, Ashley, Ingram, and Duke the Lion (Who May Look to Some to Be a Tiger)

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