Friday April 27, Crazy!

So today was super fun at St. Jude!  Our super short day included two appointments and a yummy lunch that included two orders of tater tots and two bags of chex mix (those were just for Ingram in case you were wondering!).  Ingram got his bandage from his port surgery site and the incision cleaned and then he had a ball playing with his gal in Physical Therapy.  I'm including a video at the bottom of the page that shows him being a rock star on this thingie that's he moves across the room and back.  He was trying to run me over!!  He also played hockey with a golf club and ball, threw frogs in a basketball goal, and threw tennis balls on a velcro target board.  Once he gets going, he pretty much turns into a crazy little man with a bat or club in his hands!

Speaking of crazy, we have a house full of 10 year old girls from school spending the night tonight and then we're heading off to a jumping place in the morning to celebrate Madison's birthday.  It's 11pm and they're all still awake with no end in sight!  I think after tomorrow, we're going to all be taking a long afternoon nap to celebrate being done celebrating.  Oh well, I guess she'll remember this birthday for years to come as her crazy parents agreed to her crazy ideas during a crazy time.  Oh well, what can I say....we're all pretty nuts here at the Dismuke house, just ask anyone that knows us and I feel certain that they'd agree!

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