Monday April 16th, The IV Drama

So today started out with Ingram wanting to help his sisters get to school.  He promptly told them to eat their breakfast so that they didn't miss the bus.  But he was too involved in his cartoons and of course his coloring to remind them to "get a move on!"  They were playing like they used too and Ingram was running around in the yard without socks while they were leaving on the bus; you see the sprinklers ran last night so the yard was pretty wet so his socks were pretty nasty, typical for a little man I think!  Before we headed to the hospital, we stopped by the store for a bigger shirt that wouldn't get stuck on his head.  We've always joked about how big his head was (he already wears a bike helmet that says it's a Youth 8+ on the label) but now we need a golf type shirt with a couple buttons so the hole for his head is larger and doesn't bother with his surgery site going on and off.  We finally made it to St. Jude for our first round of labwork but it didn't go as smoothly as our first night in the ER.  The IV is in and it's not going anywhere so that's good; it's actually under the blue tape on his left arm from the picture of the handstand competition with Lindsey.  You can actually see a little of the scar from the surgery site and the reverse mowahawk a little too.  The rest of our time at St. Jude today was pretty routine (or at least as routine as it can get on a second day with back to back appointments from 11:30 to 3:30).  We ended our day at St. Jude getting his picture taken for his file by the photography folks and I think it was the best picture of all.  He had his big smile just like when he was at the beach.  They just know how to make a kid (and mommy) feel good about having to be there.  The only other drama for the day was tonight when we had to flush his IV.  He was screaming and his sisters were both begging us to stopppppppp!! It doesn't hurt at all, but he was just scared it was going to hurt so they wanted us to "quit torturing him!"  You can have one guess who said that line again (read about the bandage removal if you don't know which of our girls that is).  After we were done, in true Ingram fashion he said "Thank you Daddy" and dried his tears and went to mess with his sisters.  No matter what is happening around here, there's nothing that's going to stop him from playing with his sisters and playing with his Beau.

Brain surgery doesn't stop a handstand competition tonight!

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