Thursday April 26th, A Better Day

Back to St, Jude today.  First off, Eye Clinic!  Ingram loved the first part of the exam and was telling the sweet lady all the pictures he was seeing and I'm proud to report he got them all correct.  Next up, we (the sweet, sneaky eye lady and the always sneaky mommy) were putting drops in Ingram's eyes and he wasn't too fond of the experience.  Since it was going to be a while, we headed down to get a snack in the cafeteria of eggs for Ingram and grits for Mommy.  "Ingram Dismuke to the Eye Clinic, Ingram Dismuke to the Eye Clinic" came across the speakers and we hightailed it back for the search for T-Rex in Ingram's eyes.  You see, when they did his Hearing evaluation, they apparently found Thomas the Train and Sir Topam Hat in one ear and Lightning McQueen in the other so we had already been talking about what they were going to find in his eyes.  He passed with more flying colors and loved the glasses they gave him so much that he wore them inside for a while.  

Next up, Speech, well sort of...  We apparently were running so far behind looking for dinosaurs that we missed our next appointment.  Oh well, we had an early lunch and were fine with it.  After that, we were called to come to our Clinic appointment early and then found out that our Physical Therapy was going to be early too.  We were both starting to get excited about being done before 4!  It turns out that we were finished by 2 and made it home two hours earlier than expected.  I think God had our day rearranged because He knew how tough yesterday was.  All day long, folks were sending me messages and calling.  It seemed that little bits of peace were falling upon me and Ingram as we went through our day. I think it might have been our most "fun" day at St. Jude other than when Paula and Ally were with us.  

We got home before the girls did and Ingram even took a nap for about 4 hours; of course it's after 10pm right now and he's just fallen asleep!  That little nut is so funny and acting so much more like he used too.  He's even talking more of his normal voice which he lost for a while after his surgery.  He's a trooper and I sure am proud of him.  

Oh Yeah!  I'm Wearing My Shades Inside!

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