Saturday and Sunday April 29th and 30th, Recovering from 10 year olds!

Wow!  The previous post where I said we were crazy was an understatement...we're insane which takes everything to a different level of craziness!  Madison and Lindsey had a great time at the sleepover and so did Ingram.  The girls were all over Ingram and wanted to play with him and hug him and sit by him at the table.  It was great and he was loving it!

When we were all leaving for SkyZone, he started to give us a "What about me?" look ...then our fabulous babysitter asked him if he wanted to play baseball and off to the front yard they went.  I bet I've thrown a million balls to that little stinker and he hits the majority of them.  Then we have to chase Beau around the yard to get the ball back so I guess he's doing plenty of physical therapy at the house too.  You see, Beau doesn't know ANY commands yet; no take that back, he knows "sit" and that's about it.  So if any of you know a short cut to dog training, feel free to send it our way.

We did have an exciting adventure to St. Jude during the middle of the night to add to the lack of sleep that we already were experiencing from the sleepover.  Did I mention that our house full of sweet girls were all up till around 1AM Saturday morning???  We were at St. Jude from about midnight to 3:30AM so I'm guessing we're hitting the beds early tonight.  Thankfully, Ingram quit vomiting and his fever came down enough for them to let us go home; we were 2/10's of a degree away from his port being accessed for the first time so that they could get cultures and give him fluids.  He was so proud of his five stickers that he earned while he was there for getting his temperature taken about 20 times.  Trust me, a thermometer at 2 in the morning is almost as scary as a needle!  Ingram is much better now and is back to playing baseball in his pajamas in the front yard.  He also is back to saying "HEY" to everyone that walks by the house.

Mommy said "Way to go Ingy!"
Ingy said "Hurry! Get it Mommy!"
Lindsey said "Hurry Beau! Get it!"

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  1. We used a shock collar on Romo one time for obedience training... the next day he chewed up the remote (too smart!). I feel as though if you tried it on Beau, there might be a girl screaming "stop torturing him!" (which is exactly what I screamed to PJ about Romo!)