Tuesday April 10th, Going Home

Ingram woke up with a big appetite that started with a popsicle; I think it was an orange popsicle request that day. He was in a great mood and looked even better than the day before. We were excited to see how he would do in PT/OT, being in a good mood and also having all of his IV’s out. He had one in his foot that bothered him when he walked so we were really excited when they took it out. He decided to not eat his breakfast this morning so after his workout for the day, we were trying everything to get him to eat a good lunch. We had to convince him to eat real food rather than just popsicles. We tried everything from a baked potato with cheese and butter (his favorite), to grilled cheese, to McDonalds, to Wendys, and he shouted “NO!” to all of them. Finally I said Chic Fil A and he shouted “YES!” as loud as he’d been shouting “NO!” He ended up eating SEVEN nuggets and a whole fruit cup filled with grapes and mandarin oranges. Grapes, which are also his favorite, have been banned by LeBonheur since he had been admitted the previous Tuesday. When the doctors came around the second time that day, he had just eaten a huge meal, had been walking around the room more, and had taken his medicine without much of a fight. The doctors offered for us to go home and at first I was a little hesitant but the more Craig and I talked about it, I was ready to head home if they would let us leave. About three hours later, it was official…we were discharged!!! He was too excited about going home that he couldn’t take a nap in his hospital bed because he wanted to take a nap with his Madison, his Lindsey, and his Beau! We got home to balloons on our mailbox and our girls waiting in the front yard to see their little man. We had the best time being home as a family and the best nights’ sleep we’d had since being admitted into the hospital. It was soooo good to be home.

PT Is Tough Stuff Three Days after Surgery

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