Saturday April 7th, Mommy Time

Around 4:45 they took Ingram for a CT scan to see if he had any swelling. He was not happy about being moved from his bed to the CT but that was the most he had been moved since waking up after surgery. When the doctors came to check on him, Ingram’s vitals were looking very good and his CT scan that morning showed no swelling, so they sent us back upstairs to our 7th floor room. Ingram continued to throw up and sleep off and on for all of Saturday. He got out of the bed for the first time around lunchtime and was moved into my lap by Physical Therapy. Ingram had been asking us to pick him up and reaching out both hands for us to hold him.  It was soooo nice to hold my baby boy in my arms again. It seemed like forever since he had been in my lap, and he spent about 3 hours sleeping in my lap just like a baby. It was wonderful and I have to say Craig was quite jealous of my special mommy time! Ingram woke up and started to throw up again so we put him back in his bed to rest. Each hour we were thinking he was doing better and looking better, but he would continue to not be able to hold down any ice chips or anything.  At the same time, he was starting to be awake a little more at a time.

First Time out of the Bed

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