Sunday April 15th, Update

We are still waiting for the final pathology report from St. Jude. As of now, the doctors believe Ingram has anaplstic ependymoma, which is a worse diagnosis than we originally thought as we understand it. We expect to find out the final results this week at which point they will recommend a course of treatment. This will be a busy week at St. Jude for Ingram.  He will be there every day this week.  Please pray that God would heal Ingram through whatever means He would choose. We love you all.


  1. Thanks for the update! I'll follow closely here. I continue to pray for Ingram!!!

  2. Ashley, Ingram has been on our heart and in our prayers. We live you both and will continue to lift your family up! Thanks for the updates!!

  3. Ashley and Craig,

    I just found out about Ingram this week. I cannot imagine what it is for a parent to watch their child walk this road. I have read your entire blog and can clearly see that you are leaning on the ONE who can walk this with you. I am praying for healing. I am closeby. Sweet Ashley, please let me know what I can do to help.

    Love you,
    Julianne Carney