Sunday April 22nd, Sunday Funday!

So today was a great day!  We all needed to catch up on some rest with the craziness that has been going on and decided to stay at home this morning.  We had a huge breakfast (waffles, bacon, eggs, and fruit) and then started playing upstairs in Ingram's room.  We knew we were going to have company later today, so we were also getting ready for them to come out and play.  We needed to get some birthday supplies for Madison (she turns 10 Tuesday!) and we did that while she was at a friends house for a couple hours.  Aaron came in town today and will be with us till Tuesday; you'll have to stay tuned to see what we do tomorrow!  Jackie and Marlon also came out to see us and play with the kids.  I've never seen my kids (Ingram included) fly higher in the air than when Marlon gets a hold of them.  Other than being a nervous wreck while Ingram was running around outside, playing with Marlon and Aaron in the yard was one of the most "normal" things Ingram has done since his surgery.  He was playing baseball, hide-and-go seek, and trying to go all over the playground including the slide and swings!  It did wonders for my soul to see him running, although wobbly, and playing just like a 3 year old little boy should do.

The Kids with Aaron, Jackie, and Marlon Playing Outside!

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