Monday April 23rd, Birthday Lunch!!!

From Aaron (the quasi-adopted brother):

I arrived yesterday afternoon. For some reason, I assumed that things would be different around the Dismuke house. I think I expected a quieter, more somber mood at the house. Definitely not the case. But I love it. The girls still run around and yell about everything. And Ingram, oh Ingram. He is legitimately the Conquerer. He still fights. He still climbs. He still builds and crushes. Most assuredly my favorite kid in the world.

The craziness didn't stop when we went to Dogwood Elementary today for lunch. Ingram has a radiation test run tomorrow so we did Madison's birthday lunch a day early. Ingram was a star in the lunchroom.

The girls wanted to have me pick up and walk him around the lunch tables to say hello to everyone. So obviously we did that. Then Ingram decided to solidify his superstar status by walking around and putting stickers on the all the students in Madison's class. Killer move on his part. Nail in the coffin was sitting on the steps in front of the lunch room stage and hanging out with a pack of girls. Watch out Geramantown Baptist Church Weekday Preschool. The kid has some serious game.

I think the girls really enjoyed having Ingram around. They were able to show off his scar, which Madison used to get in good with boys in her class. Then Ingram and I crushed all those boys and told them to back off our sister . . . just kidding . . . but seriously, get off her.

I have to head back to Birmingham tomorrow; but spending time with the family has given me so much hope. Ingram is a stud. The Dismukes are studs. But I have been reminded more than anything that Jesus, the one true God, is the Creator of the universe. He knows cancer in and out. He knows Ingram's body in and out. So my hope is in Christ! And that's what the Dismukes always do to me. I'm always pointed to Christ. For Ingram's sake, hope in Christ. Only he is worthy of our hope.

Say "Birthday Donuts!"

Lindsey's a Second Grade RockStar Today!

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  1. What a fun day!!! Happy bday Madison! We love you girl! ;)