Sunday April 8th, A Day to Rise

Sunday was Easter and what a great day it was! Madison and Lindsey came up first thing and were so excited to see their little man. He was talking a little more and had been awake for a while and was starting to stir around more in the bed. We decided to get him in the wagon and roll him around a little to see if another environment would help him to do more and maybe even eat. We spent some time rolling around the floor in the wagon and made it to the playroom and Ingram watched the girls as they played with the toys; he didn’t feel much like playing, but we could tell that he enjoyed being with his girls again. The girls had to leave for Jackson to a family Easter celebration and Ingram went back to his bed for a nap. Once he woke up, he said he was thirsty and hungry so we got him some food and amazingly he kept it down. He also wanted a popsicle (he had said no to popsicles ever since surgery so we were very excited about this) and picked out a purple popsicle. From then on, he pretty much was eating and drinking the rest of the day. He even wanted to go to the bathroom in the potty rather than using his “bed potty” which was the urinal. We were trying to get him to move his neck more so that it would become less stiff and sore while he was in the bed. Craig asked him if he wanted to walk to his bed after he used the bathroom and he said yes so we had grandparents ready with a camera to record his first steps after surgery. I was guiding him by holding his hands and Craig was holding around his waist because his balance was off still, but he walked from the bathroom to his bed and it was wonderful to watch!

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