Monday April 9th, Odd Celebrations

We could tell that Ingram was starting to get even more back to normal. He was telling everyone “NO!” and not wanting to take any of his medicines. I don’t blame him though because they did smell pretty bad so I can imagine how they tasted. They were flavored cherry but Ingram still was not about to take them without a fight. So the medicines finally went down but about 15 minutes later they all came back up. He was exhausted after that. All of his doctors seemed to come by back to back and then PT and OT came also. We rolled him down to the PT/OT therapy room but Ingram really did not want anything to do with them. He started to cry and finally laid down in my lap instead of trying to play with the blocks. We decided to call it quits with therapy and headed upstairs for a nap. He slept for about an hour or so and when he woke up was a hungry and thirsty little man again. He didn’t eat much in terms of real food Monday for some reason so we were just trying to get juices and popsicles down him. Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for happened… Ingram had his first poopie after surgery! It’s crazy how you celebrate such odd things, but we’ve dealt with surgery, pain meds, and bowel movements before so we were relieved once he was able to have one. All the juice and fruit we had been having him eat finally paid off, of course a little Mirilax helps out too!

"No medicine for me"

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