Friday April 20th, Disorderly Conduct!

I had this notion in my head last night when I went to bed after midnight that maybe, just maybe, Ingram would sleep late this morning since we didn't have to go anywhere.  Boy was I wrong!  Just like clockwork I hear..."Hey Mommy, my stomach is hungry!" My reply was "Are you sure? Don't you just want to sleep a little more?"  He replied "No, I got all my sleepy out" and so our day started out just as he had planned the night before. 

We were really quiet since the girls were still asleep and had plenty of time to get ready for school. So we started out watching a cartoon and eating a rice krispy treat for breakfast.  Don't make judgments here, it is cereal you know; it just has a few special ingredients added to make breakfast extra sweet!  The girls finally made their way down and headed out for the bus when they were done with everything.  Beau escaped out the door and proceeded to run around the yard with our bus buddies.  Once they were gone, we really got our day started with tons of things out all at once.  Normally, we try to just do one thing at a time, but today was our first day off so we went a little ADD with the situation. 

We had company today for a little bit but she had no idea what she was in for!  Terri came bearing arms full of food and gifts for not only Ingram but also Madison and Lindsey.  We had a great time visiting and as she was leaving Ingram even gave her hugs and kisses.  Once we got outisde, Ingram shot her with his nerf gun and Beau jumped all over her and even jumped up in her car to go for a ride.  What can I say?  The Dismuke males (Craig and his Dad included) are known for their mischievious side; I would start telling about some of the college pranks that they both pulled but I don't think there's enough space to do that here.  Anyway, she left laughing so I'm assuming she thought it was funny too.  Ingram continued to have a fun day at home and even managed to take a two and a half hour nap AND he didn't throw up at all today.  He was pretty much acting like his old self again but for some reason he likes to point out the "poke" in his back from the spinal tap to everyone we run into.  I never would have thought a pinhole would trump a 5 inch incision. 

Madison and Lindsey each had a friend spend the night tonight since things are going to start changing more next week.  We headed out to Chic Fil A for a quick bite to eat and Ingram didn't even complain when I told him he couldn't go to the playground after he finished eating even though the girls did.  We got back home and they were wild as ever.  I can honestly say that Ingram did his brotherly duty tonight by getting into both of his sisters stuff and messing with their friends just like a little brother should do...and they'd have it no other way.  They were also shooting this awful loud laser gun around the floor for Beau to chase.  He chased that light around the house for about 30 minutes and his tounge was dragging the floor by the time Ingram was ready to go to bed.  Beau helps put Ingram in bed for both nap and bedtime and it's really kind of cute.  Of course, bedtime gets dragged out a little longer now, but it sure is cute! 

Our Family After the St. Jude Half Marathon in December

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