Wednesday April 25th, Snake!!!

Ingram is getting quite a collection of toys from the treasure chest at St. Jude.  Every time he has a poke (anything involving a needle) or a MRI or a CT, he gets to pick something out of a treasure box.  He's picked out a dinosaur, a little space ship, a noisy stick thing, and stickers; but today's treasure chest was the kicker!  If you don't know this already, Craig is terrified of snakes...crazy huh?  Ingram has always passed up the snakes in the treasure chest until today... as soon as he pulled it out, he said "Mommy I'm going to get Daddy with my new snake!"  The picture below was the last time Ingram really smiled today.  About two minutes after this picture was taken, the whole team came in and proceeded to discuss what was going to happen during the next few hours.  Then I suited up in a space suit, carried him into the OR, and held him as he drifted into lala land. 

Ingram had his port put in today and he did a great job.  He's really sore and isn't very happy when he has to be moved.  I put some medicine in his drink tonight to help him be able to rest better; he still doesn't like to take medicine since all this began at LeBonheur so we have to sneak it in his drinks.  I don't think I realized how much of a real surgery this was until I left the room with him laying on the table.  Granted, today's procedure was nothing compared to brain surgery; but, I was by myself when I came out of the OR and it just hit me like a load of bricks that my baby's on the table and I have to trust that God put these doctors and nurses at St. Jude to take care of Ingram and to take care of me today. 

It was a tough day for me all the way until the girls were in bed for too many different reasons to name.  I think I was almost to the meltdown point because I was starting to beat myself up over things I need to be doing as a mother, as a wife, and as a friend.  But my sweet husband reminded me that I needed to be doing exactly what I was doing...focusing all my energy on our fight for Ingram.    Once the girls were in bed, Ingram was in the den with my husband and a few of the same men who prayed with us at LeBonheur praying over Ingram again.  As they're in the den praying, I was in the bedroom texting with one of their wives getting our plans for tomorrow figured out.  You see, Ingram and Lindsey broke Lindsey's glasses a few weeks back.  They've been fixed and are for us to pick them up.  So my sweet friend is picking up not just one, but both my girls, after their tests are done at school along with her own daughter and getting the glasses and grabbing some lunch.  I feel like we are so lucky to have friends that pray for us, pray with us, and do just about anything in the world for us. 

I'm Going to Scare Daddy with my New Snake!!

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