Friday June 15th, It's Over!!!

Ingram had his last radiation treatment today and it was great!  We celebrated at the hospital with G-Mommy, Aunt Amye, and our cousins Brett and Carley and now we are about to celebrate no time for writing right now!

Stay tuned to see what all kind of fun we're going to have!!

Ingram With His Guys...Mr. Jody, Dr. Bakazi, and Chance!

The Day Isn't Complete Without A Picture Leaving After The Last Radiation Treatment!


  1. Hurray!! Congratulations, Ingram! Hope you have fun celebrating :)

  2. Ashley,
    Have been praying for Ingram and all of your sweet family. Grateful he is now finished with radiation. Thank you for keeping up posted on the blog - you and Craig do a super job and have been such an inspiration, as you continue on this journey. Praying especially for Ingram, as he enters this new phase of treatment. Blessings and Love to each of you.