Saturday June 19th, Monster!!

The kids decided that they were going to get creative with their pool games and they were tired of just swimming around.  Ingram has been loving playing hide and go seek around the house and yard, so he decided he wanted to play chase in the pool.  He also loves Scooby Doo and decided that they needed a monster so......

Did you know that there are monsters in pools?  They look just like Craig and sound just like him too!  I  think the kids had Craig chasing them around the pool acting like a swamp monster or something for half the afternoon.  Ingram took turns having the girls protect him from the pool monster but in the end, the monster won.  They all got eaten by the monster and the girls got tossed around several times.  Ingram decided he too wanted to be tossed around but thankfully the monster wasn't as crazy with him as he was with the girls.

After pool time was over, we headed in to Destin instead and went to a couple of our favorite stores, one for the kids and one for us.  After we went shopping, we headed to a Dismuke favorite for dinner...Waffle House!!  Craig and I used to go to Waffle House every Sunday night when we first got married; of course it didn't help that it was right across the street from our first apartment.  We've managed to pass along the love for Waffle House to the kids and it's great!

No meltdowns for today, just fun times as a family!!

We Love Waffle House!!
For Some Reason, My Side Of The Table Was A Little Crowded!!

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