Friday June 22nd, Surprise!!

After our couple days home from our extended lake vacation, we surprised the kids with a trip to the beach.  We have gone to the beach for the past 3 years in October and have had to rearrange our Fall Break trip to right now because we will be in the middle of treatment during our school Fall Break.

We got in at 3am Friday morning and the kids were so fired up and excited that I think we didn't get to bed till 4am!!  But do they sleep in?  Of course not...these rascals were up at 7 like clockwork.  I think I fell asleep sitting on the couch on the balcony while they were eating breakfast about 5 times.  We finally made it down to the beach and took our load of chairs, boogie boards, shovels, and pails and set up Camp Dismuke behind the dunes of Water Sound in Florida.  

We didn't have any food for lunch so I headed out in the car to find food that everyone would eat (I've got 3 picky eaters and one is not a kid but don't tell him I said that!) and then realized that there was a grill at the pool right by our house.  Unbelievable huh!  Anyway, so we played football in and out of the sand, rode the waves on our super cool new boogie boards, and managed to squeeze in a sand fight that ended up being Craig verses the kids.  Madison, Lindsey, and Ingram all ganged up on Daddy; the final score when it was all said and done was Kids 1- Daddy ZERO!!!  

You would also think that with the shortened sleep the night before that we would maybe take a nap in the afternoon.  Well that didn't happen either!  We stopped at the pool on the way back in and met another family from Louisville.  They had four kids, two older girls that are 10 and 12 and two younger kids that are 3 and 5, and our kids enjoyed swimming around with them.  Next thing we knew, it's 5pm so nap time doesn't exactly sound like a good idea.  We ended up showering and heading into Seaside for dinner and ran into the worst traffic ever!!  That's one reason we love coming down in October because we can actually get from place to place within minutes.  

We were so close to making it through our first day without a meltdown, but Ingram finally broke down over Gummi Worms!  He has decided that he wants gummi worms when he eats ice cream but then when he's actually eating the ice cream, he picks off all the gummies.  The line was so long that I just got a quick scoop for each of us so that we could get in and out quickly and apparently that wasn't the best idea.  He was so loud that I of course couldn't help but laugh, but the girls were so embarrassed and didn't quite know what to do.  Madison said that everyone was staring at us and she didn't know what to do; I just told her that it was okay because everyone can have a bad moment and they had no idea what all he was going through.  It was a great day...meltdown included because it was at least at the ice cream store right??

Loving The Sun, The Sand, and The Surf!!

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