Friday June 1st, Friday equals Funday!!

We had such a fun day today!  Lindsey and Madison went with us to St. Jude since all we had on the schedule was radiation.  For the second day in a row, Ingram didn't cry and he helped get everything set up.  He's such a great helper!  I think the girls were super excited to see some of Ingram's friends again and also to see part of what he does while he's at the hospital.

While he was asleep getting his treatment, we went down to the cafeteria to get some breakfast and bring Ingram some bacon and red gatorade.  The girls also played in the playroom and made pictures for him while I was in the back.  On our way out, we stopped in the lobby and played board games with a group that just came to entertain the patients and their families.  Ingram successfully arranged the Connect 4 thingies in all different patterns and flung angry birds all around the lobby.  Lindsey also was quite the bird thrower and won all of her Connect 4 games.  Madison played Uno against a couple gals and ended up winning several games while the gals had half the deck in their hands.  It was fantastic!

So from all the pictures we've posted, you can tell Ingram has long hair.  During surgery he had a strip shaved in the back and that was it.  It's growing back already but now he's losing hair on the top and back of his head from the radiation.  It's been pretty comical though because the rest of his hair covers it up since it's so long and it looks pretty shaggy at the same time.  With him already having a couple bald spots in the back and several balding areas on top, it was time to have someone who knows how to cut hair, give Ingram a little trim and shape up his hair so it looks a little better as it's coming out.  He did great and kept telling the guy where to cut and what to do.  I guess he's so used to his St. Jude nurses and doctors that he's telling everyone else what to do too.  Afterwards, Chic Fil A was calling our names for lunch and you know we can't resist that kind of temptation!  We also grabbed some lunch to take to Daddy after we were done eating and showed off Ingram's new haircut.

We're excited about the weekend, but have to do radiation first thing in the morning to make up for being off on Memorial Day.  This way, we still finish on Friday June 15th and then get a month off!!

Yahooey for 11 treatments left!!

The Three Musketeers...Watch Out St. Jude; Get Ready For Some Noise!!

Ingram Playing Angry Birds...Well, At Least His Version Of  It!

Lindsey Playing Connect 4 But I Think I Saw Her Put In Two At A Time!

Madison Playing UNO And She's Definitely Smart Enough To Stack The Deck!!

Ingram Wanted His Girls To Have Blue Hospital Bands Too.
Ingram Getting His Hair All Shaped Up;
Just Like Home Too Watching TV In His Pajamas!!

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