Tuesday June 26th, Making Memories!!

Our day started out great!  The sun was shining through the windows and it was super bright.  What did this mean?  Debby's gone and we were going to have a great day on the beach or at the pool!  I headed out with the kids in the golf cart to the pool and Craig headed out on his bike for a quick ride.  His ride turned into a long one because his tire burst on the highway and he had to walk back; it took forever!  Finally after he'd been gone a while, we were sending him a message of which pool to come to and he said he'd been walking for over 20 minutes.  We decided to hop in the cart and go rescue him so he didn't have to walk much more.

Once we had Daddy with us, we played at the pool forever and he also fixed our lunches today.  We made the girls eat all their leftovers since they suddenly aren't hungry after we pay "vacation prices" for their food at restaurants.  Ingram didn't want any chicken and instead ate the rest of his chocolate chip muffins from breakfast for his lunch.  That little stinker has the craziest appetite now; we never know what he's going to want much less when he's actually going to be hungry.  He's never really hungry nowadays during regular meal times and I think it's because his body is so confused still from not being able to eat breakfast during his 34 rounds of radiation.  He's gaining weight, or at least maintaining I think, but I guess we'll find out soon enough when we go in next week.

After a quick trip to the house for Ingram's naptime, we met them at the beach and played in the surf and sand for a couple of hours.  Craig built a huge hill in the sand for the girls and Ingram was "helping" dig a trench for the water to come up when the waves hit (Ingram is more of a superintendent than a laborer, although he does try to help!).  We rode the waves for a long time too and all took turns wiping Ingram's boogers all day long.  We're affectionally calling him "boogerhead" this week and he's not only using his booger bands to keep his nose clean but his shirt, our shirts, our towels and everything else he can grab.

After dinner at the house, we decided to go for a drive to get ice cream in a super cool car...a yellow 1985 Mercedes Convertible!  It's so cute and the kids have been begging to go out in it ever since we got here.  The radio started playing and it was songs from when we were much younger.  We were both singing to the songs and the girls were making fun of us for being "sooooo old;" Madison said that our songs were dumb and just said "blah, blah, blah."  Sound familiar?  Lindsey loved them and immediately tried to stand up and start dancing; boy are we going to be in trouble with her when she gets older!!!
"Daddy, Can We Get A Car Like This?"

I'm Positive His Face Got More Ice Cream Than His Belly Did!

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