Saturday and Sunday June 2nd and 3rd, Crazy Lake Day!

Radiation was short and sweet Saturday morning and after leaving home at 6:30am; we were back home by 10:30 to start our day.  Where might you ask did we start our day???  At the Lake of course!!!  We had been planning a day at the lake with friends for a few months now and we sure weren't going to let a little radiation treatment change that!  There's too much fun and stress relief to be had on the water, listening to the kids laugh and watching their smiling faces, to cancel a trip to the lake. The kids had so much fun playing together in and out of the water and Ingram even got a short nap on the boat.  It was chilly for sure when the clouds came out but when the sun peeked out, it was fabulous!!

Sunday was great too!  We made it to church, but never made it down to the service or to our class.  We were on the way, but kept running into friends and enjoyed talking with them about Ingram.  Pretty soon an hour and a half had passed by and we had only made it down one hallway about 100 feet.  There is something to be said about hugs in the hallway and talking about Ingram and his treatments with friends that soothes the soul in hard times.

After lunch, Craig's Uncle came into town and got to spend some time with the kids and of course Beau.  At one point all 7 of us were out front playing baseball with Ingram running the bases and chasing Beau with the bat again.  The best "batter up" time though was when Beau was less than 2 feet away from Ingram when the ball was being pitched.  Yep, you're guessing right!  Ingram swung and hit Beau upside the head and it didn't seem to phase him a bit.  And no, he's not an old dog; he's just 7 months old and he's the calmest puppy we could have.  He runs around like crazy when we want him to, then just lays around when he gets tired.

Tomorrow is "Pokey Monday" and Ingram's new butterfly will be put in hopefully without too much drama.  The girls are once again tagging along to the hospital and are very excited about it too.  After our treatment, we'll eat lunch and then head to the girls' first fundraising meeting where they're actually doing their presentation to raise money for St. Jude.  We're so proud of them and will keep you posted as to how they, and Team Ingram, are doing.  If you want to participate on Team Ingram either running or donating, let us know and we'll get you more information.

Having Some Fun In The Sun!

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  1. Hi Ashley,
    We would like information on how to donate to Ingram's team. Thanks!