Tuesday June 12th, The Girls Are Back!!!

Today was a super exciting day!  The girls came home and headed straight to the hospital from the airport.  G-mommy couldn't drive fast enough for them and once they were at the gates and called, we went into hiding mode.  I think we hid behind the desk for about 5 minutes before we saw Madison run through the lobby; she saw our Thomas blanket in the wagon and then started looking around for us.  She found us and then hid with us till Lindsey came in.  The funny thing was that Ingram couldn't keep quiet any longer and ran out to see Lindsey and then it was non-stop laughter and running through the halls of the hospital.

After being at St. Jude for about 2 months, we finally were able to see the therapy dogs that come to the hospital every Tuesday morning from 9:30-10:30.  We hear the announcement every week, but are normally heading down for radiation or waking up from sedation every week.  The dogs were great and Ingram pet them for a couple minutes before we rolled down to Radiation for treatment.

They helped to in speech therapy a little too much so I had to pull them back but it was great to see them playing with him.  I just felt bad for the Therapist because one of my kids alone could be a daunting task, but all three of them together in a very small room after being separated for a week is a nightmare!  She earned her whole 6 weeks worth of interning in that 30 minute session.  After speech, we headed to the cafeteria for a late lunch and Ingram didn't want anything to eat.  The rest of us ate while he watched a TV show then we headed home to play with Beau and play some more baseball in the yard.  G-mommy was the new designated pitcher since she was here; she hasn't been here in a little over a month and was very excited to be back in the swing of things.

Needless to say, we have a lot of craziness to catch up on since the girls are back and the volume level has definitely increased in these past few hours.  But then again with 3 DAYS OF RADIATION LEFT, I think our volume levels have changed too.

Ingram and Max

Ingram And Spooky

Eating Daddy's Favorite Chips After Waking Up From Radiation!

Ingram Is Still Strong Enough To Pull His Girls In The Wagon!

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