Tuesday June 5th, Yeehaw!!!!

First off, we have 8 Radiation days left!!!!!  And we are sooooo counting down the days!!!!  

This morning was a quick one in and out of St. Jude in record time of less than 2 hours.  We cancelled our other appointments for the day since the girls had a plane to catch in Little Rock.  After Radiation though before we could make it home, we had to make an emergency stop at Gibson's Donuts and pick up 3 dozen donut holes.  Our little man is now in a donut spurt and has to have his holes when he wakes up from sedation.  He must get his love of donuts from his sister Madison who loves to eat them and his Daddy who loves to drive in donuts on the lake to make the tube fly high.  Who cares though, for all he's going through, I'll get him whatever he wants!

The girls made it to their flight to Texas BARELY and were able to get checked in and get their tags as Unaccomanied Minors.  If you ask them what the best part of a trip is, it's more than likely will be flying solo and getting more attention than they would like.  Craig made me take Ingram home and rest and he drove the girls over to the Little Rock and back; they left around noon and he didn't get back in town till about 6pm.  I sure did enjoy being able to be home and let Ingram have a nap, paint a snake and fish, and chase Beau around with a bat again.  

Tonight St. Jude had a benefit concern featuring John Rich and Friends and it was so much fun!  We happened to be in the building when the gal came over the speaker announcing free tickets to the concert.  We watched The Celebrity Apprentice some the year John Rich was on and he talked about St. Jude Children's Research Hospital all the time.  He's even done a concert at the hospital before.  

There was something funny that happened tonight at the concert and it didn't really involve Ingram either.  Craig's probably going to try and delete this but here goes...This week is also the Fed Ex St. Jude Golf Classic and Craig has been playing golf since he could walk.  He saw one of his favorite players Dustin Johnson standing around and he got all giddy.  He had the cutest, biggest grin on his face but didn't say anything.   I could tell he was thinking then he asked if I had a pen; I had a pen for sure, but what Mom doesn't have a Sharpie marker in her purse?  He ended up getting his autograph and came back to us with once again the biggest grin.  He showed me his autograph and gave it to Ingram kinda like he was trying to cover up his happiness in getting the autograph for himself.  I asked him what he said to him and he sheepishly grinned and said "I don't know" not just one time, but two times!  You guys that are reading this have my permission to laugh at him but only for a few seconds when you see him (cause you know you would have done the same thing!!).  I tell you what, give him a piece of paper and a sharpie, say something silly, and just smile!  He'll love it!!

Mommy's Little Cowboy!

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