Wednesday June 13th, Paint-A-Thon

Today at St. Jude was Wild Wild West day with the Volunteens and the kids had so much fun!  Madison spent the night with a friend and didn't make it to the hospital so it was just Lindsey and Ingram hanging out with me and G-Mommy.  Right when we walked in the doors, the kids took off running to the tables to start making cowboy crafts and playing games.  I literally had to drag Ingram from the tables to get him down to the Clinic for his weekly check-up.

When he got done with his check-up, he was so excited that his friendly volunteer Lisa was manning the playroom;  you see our Child Life Specialist has been on vacation this week and she's the "keeper of all things fun" as Ingram calls her.  Amy (our specialist) normally unlocks the cabinets one at a time and gets out the paints, the playdoh, the scissors, and the glue!  When she's not there, we hope there's a volunteer that day, but we never know till we get there.  Needless to say, he and Lindsey did a lot of painting today in the waiting room before he headed back for sedation/radiation.

Once Lindsey was finished with her painting downstairs in the radiation waiting room, she heard an announcement about a cookie.  Her ears perked up and she said "Cookie?  Did I hear Cookie?" and I explained that once she cleaned up her mess that G-Mommy could take her to see all the crafts she could do and the cookie she could decorate (and eat).

With Lindsey there, Ingram's regular wake-up routine was a little different and so he acted a little less "nice" I guess you could say.  Normally after I go back with his food for that day, we roll upstairs in the wagon and he watches a whole tv episode while he eats for about 30 minutes then we move on to the next thing.  Not Today!!  We ended up leaving the hospital with him throwing a fit and didn't stop crying till he was watching Power Rangers in his lap on my phone driving down the highway.

Once we were home, we painted some more and G-mommy was totally in control of the situation.  I came in the kitchen and the chaos on the counter was just funny!  Ingram and Lindsey had their whole paintbrushes full of paint, not just the brush part; they painted and painted and painted till I think the paint was out.  Then all three of the kids piled in the big chair and were watching tv together just like normal.
Ingram Has A New Favorite Drink And Has Had 8 of the
12 Yogurt Smoothies in the past 48 Hours. 

I Love My Crazy Crew!!

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