Monday June 4th, The Girls' Project

From Dad...
Today was a big day for our daughters.  Madison has wanted to raise money for St. Jude since Ashley and I did last year as part of the St. Jude Half-Marathon.  She has always been very charitable, and having a good family friend who has been a patient at St. Jude gave her a lot of motivation to do it.  When Ingram became a patient there, it obviously gave her even more determination!

Today was the kick-off for her project, Team Ingram.  Lindsey is a big part of it also and the two of them went on their first visit this afternoon to make their presentation to some business people.  We have practiced and practiced for weeks now in preparation for this.  We’ve practiced how to walk, how to communicate in a business meeting, body language, voice intonation and loudness, making eye contact, etc…  At one point, Madison reminded me that all she hears when I talk is “blah, blah, blah.”  In other words, we went overboard with instruction.  But it all paid off today and hopefully this is the start of a great experience for our daughters. 

One of our family friends, John Abington, invited Madison and Lindsey to come up to Raymond James to make their presentation to some old friends of mine from my days at Morgan Keegan.  Because of the nature of our business, I couldn’t go with them so I anxiously waited to hear how it went.  They went up to the trading floor by themselves and presented to a conference room full of brokers and traders – which can frankly be an intimidating crowd.  The reports are that they did great.  And our friends at Raymond James donated $6,550 to St. Jude and Team Ingram.  Their generosity was very encouraging to our family and got the girls off to a great start.

However, they still have a long way to go!  If you care to see Team Ingram’s webpage, you can see it at:

Look Out World...Here Come The Dismuke Girls!

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