Saturday and Sunday June 9th and 10th, Balls, Balls, and More Balls

If you haven't figured this out yet, Ingram LOVES balls!  He loves to play with baseballs, basketballs, golf balls, footballs, soccer balls, and tennis balls.  He is 100% boy and runs around like crazy looking for any kind of ball.  He loves all the accessories that go with balls like bats, gloves, golf clubs, hats, tee's, stands, goals and more.  Sometimes I think too that Beau is an accessory that goes with every kind of ball because he's always struck by the bat or club and also often has a ball stuck in his mouth.

We were playing baseball in the front yard when someone drove by and recognized Ingram from his blog.  It's kinda funny now and I'm getting used to his newfound fame; it's actually quite comical all the places we've been recognized.  Ingram is missing his girls and was very happy to play with their daughter for a couple hours while we all visited.  They had so much paint out and were having tons of fun; it reminded me of how Lindsey loves to paint and made me miss her even more!  Then I started thinking about Madison too and how she loves to just call and talk to Ingram on the phone;  she's called him every day I think just to say hi and see what he's doing.  They're just the sweetest sisters!!

We ended up hanging around the house playing and eventually went for a run Saturday night with Ingram in the jogger.  Let me say this on record...I think this is the first time in my life my husband outran me!  I haven't run since the St. Jude Half last December (except for twice) because of an injury and I could barely make it and now I'm sooooo sore.  Ingram loved it though and ate his dinner and watched Spiderman on my phone while we ran.  We saw several deer on the trails and Ingram loved watching them until they hopped away.  Once we were done, we were starving so we headed to the Mexican restaurant for his second dinner!

Sunday we headed over to the golf tournament since it was a pretty day.  Ingram really wanted to take his golf club again so that he could play; we had a hard time convincing him he couldn't take his golf club, but finally he realized he wouldn't be able to play golf.  So he grabbed his bat instead thinking he could play baseball at the golf course.  That silly boy could have probably gotten away with it, but we decided not to press our luck!  We met up with some friends and enjoyed the day gawking at Rory McElroy and of course Dustin Johnson; in the end Dustin Johnson won and we have his autograph from the concert Tuesday night.  Needless to say, Craig was a happy guy!  So were we because we were inside the St. Jude Tent in the air conditioning once it got hot.  Ingram ate chips and vanilla ice cream for his lunch!  Afterwards we headed to our friends house and hung out for a bit and Ingram has convinced them to join Team Ingram too.  He told them if they ran it would take away his cancer with a smile; I guess you can't really say no to that huh?  He also said he wanted corn while we were outside and I couldn't figure out what he was talking about for the longest time.  Finally I saw the boards and realized he was talking about bags or cornhole as others call it.  He had loads of fun playing it until we finally made him leave.

He had such a fun long weekend that he had no problem falling asleep!  Tomorrow is our last butterfly access day until we come back from our almost 4 week break.  We are so excited about it and he's already named his butterfly too.  He told me I can't tell yet, so you'll just have to wait till tomorrow night to find out.  Also big news, FIVE MORE SEDATION/RADIATION DAYS LEFT!!!!!!

Less Than One Minute After I Put Ingram In Bed!
Notice Duke The Lion Right At His Face;
It's Almost Like He Fell Asleep Giving Him A Goodnight Kiss!

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