Wednesday and Thursday June 20th and 21st, Recovering From Vacation!!

Man!  We had so much fun at the lake and went straight into St. Jude and then to a friends house for dinner that we only had time to unload the car into the laundry room and head back out.  It made for a super late night Tuesday night getting things put away before the start of Wednesday...which was super exciting!

The girls were needed back out at Dean Studio in Memphis to film some more for their video about St. Jude.  Craig's mom took them to the studio and I stayed home with Ingram to do some really important things...we painted, played baseball, made Play-doh shapes, and even chased Beau around the house again.  While we were taking care of our most important jobs around the house, Madison and Lindsey were having a great time at the studio taking turns filming and talking about Ingram and St. Jude!  I have heard bits and pieces about what all they're doing while they're at the studio and I can't wait to see the finished product soon. 

The girls also had another fundraising meeting and raised almost $4000 in one meeting!  They're having so much telling everyone about Ingram and St. Jude that it doesn't even seem hard to do anymore.  Hearing them talk to each other and to perfect strangers about everything Ingram is going through is amazing.  It's so complicated on so many different levels, but coming out of 10 year old and 8 year old mouths it sounds so easy if you know what I mean.  They talk to everyone they come into contact with about Ingram and people just stop and listen. 

Speaking of Ingram, he's doing pretty good I think.  He's getting some of his appetite back, but his taste buds are still changing and we're still figuring out each day what he likes to eat at any given moment.  He is a little more tempermental I guess you could say and the girls don't like it when he calls attention to himself throwing a fit in public.  None of our kids have ever really done that as two year olds, so I guess Ingram is making up for a lot of that! 

He's really enjoying sleeping in our room still and I was talking to Craig about that earlier.  He doesn't just enjoy it, he LOVES it!  When it's bed time and he's in a good mood, he runs to his little bed and waits for one of us and Beau to plop down and start reading his book.  He has tons of books, but we read the same one over and over every night.  His teachers from preschool brought it over and he now finishes the second part of each page.  Ironically enough, the title of the book is God Helps You and it talks about how God helped different people throughout their lives like Moses, Gideon, Daniel, Ruth, Jonah, David, and Martha.  That's what we pray for every night, for God to help us and all of our other friends.

Madison Getting Pointers From Andy Dean!

Lindsey's Giving Pointers On How To Eat Popcorn...With Braces!!!

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