Wednesday June 27th, Last Day Of Vacation

Today was our last full day of real vacation since driving home in the car with 3 kids doesn’t count as any vacation at all!  We woke up to a beautiful day and the hardest part was deciding what to do first.  We had so much fun the day before at the beach digging and riding the waves that we decided to go there first thing.  
Our mountain that Craig dug Tuesday was gone so Ingram decided he wanted to dig a hole instead of a mountain so we dug and dug and dug.  By we, this time I mean me and Ingram; occasionally the girls would dig for a minute or two.  It was great though and our style definitely showed through; at first we were trying for a lazy river sort of thing where the water would come up, go around a curve, and go back down.  I decided it was too much work so we just made a big hole with a wide mouth entry and Ingram was happy.  As a matter of fact, he told me that it was perfect!  
We played football on the beach and Craig successfully taught the girls how to kick the football barefoot; he was secretely working on soccer techniques for when they pick back up with practice in August but don’t tell them!  A little bit later I noticed Ingram was walking toward the boardwalk so of course Lindsey heads after him and then I head after her.  Ingram decided he was ready to play in the water at the pool since he’s not much of a salt water kind of guy.  After lunch we all played at the pool some more and Craig and the kids were trying to make a human tower and I think everyone at the pool enjoyed it.  They would get almost all standing with Craig on the bottom, Madison on his shoulders, then Lindsey on hers, then Ingram on Lindsey’s shoulders and come tumbling down over and over again.  
Craig and the girls headed to Big Kahuna’s Water Park to meet my sister’s family and their whole crew.  Ingram needed a nap so we met the others at the outlets once he woke up, did a little shopping, and then met them at closing time at the water park.  When we pulled up at Big Kahuna’s I thought, they were done and we’d head out for dinner.  WRONG!!! They were in line at this tower as tall of the Eifel Tower it seemed waiting to be pulled up by strings and then go plunging 150 feet only to swing back and forth like a pendulum of sorts.  I couldn’t believe my girls were about to do this and I was a nervous wreck.  They got strapped in, started being pulled up and back (at this point Madison said Lindsey started to cry a little...I would have been begging to be put back on the ground!!), and away they go to the top.  Madison was the one to pull the cord and down they come...screaming their little heads off in shear panic for the first couple passes then it turned into laughter until they were on the ground.  The craziest part though was that Ingram was asking for HIS ticket so he could have a turn and everyone around started laughing but that little stinker was serious and wanted to go for a ride; no way little man!!!  

The Soon-To-Be Leaning Tower Of People!

From Left To Right...Excitement, Fear, All Out Panic;
These Three Are Definitely Braver Than Us Chickens!!

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