Sunday June 24th, Another Monster...Tropical Storm Debby!

We woke up to waves that were at least 4-5 feet high and it was nuts!  The wind was carrying the mist all over the place and it had rained for hours already so everything was soaked.  I've never been around a water storm of this kind and was kind of excited.  The kids were excited too until we said "Let's go to the beach!" then their excitement changed to sort of anxiousness.  Ingram especially didn't want to go to the beach because we'd been talking about how big the waves were.  He did not want to go anywhere near the beach, much less touch the water.

We finally talked them into letting us drive down to the beach and take a picture and see the waves first hand.  Luckily, there was another family with 5 kids and 2 dogs that was heading down there too and they sidetracked out kids into being excited rather than scared.  Next thing I know, I'm holding Ingram and watching Craig and the girls play at the waters edge.  Well, at least it was the waters edge one minute because the next minute, waves were crashing on them and they were running towards us.

It was kinda crazy though.  First you have a huge force of nature that is out of our control and you can see the strength of the storm and then I see the protection of a Daddy within arms distance to hold his girls if needed.  They were so small compared to the waves and the strength of the storm could definitely overtake them, but their daddy was right there watching them and guarding them.  I feel the same way about Ingram's's ugly and out of our control, but we know our heavenly father is right there with us, watching us, guiding us, and protecting us as our Heavenly Father.

Tropical Storm Debby Making Waves At Our Back Door!

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  1. Debbie is ruining my conference and potential afternoon trip to Disney!!
    Oh well- guess I'll just have to enjoy my hotel in Orlando! Tell the girls and Ingram hi for us and to build as many sandcastles ad possible!! Love you all safe travels!!