Thursday June 7th, Having A Ball With The Balls!

When I think that we couldn't have any more fun, Silly Field Day took place at St. Jude today.  They started with a silly string war between the staff that was a hoot to watch.  Cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, face painting, spin art, basketball, golf, bean bags and more!  Ingram had so much fun and ate popcorn, more popcorn, and more popcorn.  He played every game about 5 times and was running around like a wild horse "giddy upping" all over the place.

Radiation went great and he's very excited that his butterfly comes out tomorrow but we realized that we never told what he named his butterfly this week.  So instead of super heroes like Batman, Spiderman, Mater, and McQueen, he decided to name his butterfly after a real hero...his big sister Madison.  He's so excited that Madison is heading up the charge to raise money for St. Jude and started Team Ingram.  He can't wait for his girls to get back in town and asks me all day long every day when they're coming back.  And when they call home they always ask to talk to him too.  They're the sweetest sisters in the world!

Today the girls had their second fundraising meeting and we're still in shock at the generosity of the men and women they met with.  G-Daddy set up a meeting for the girls today with the executives at his company, Flotek (FTK), so they could tell them about St. Jude.  Apparently it went quite well; $20,000 well!  But there’s a catch, the CEO made a deal with the girls that they would match 50 cents for every dollar they raise up to $40,000.  So now the girls are really excited about trying to get the $40,000 as soon as they can because with the match it will be $60,000!  And that’s a lot closer to their goal of $100,000 than they were at the beginning of the week.  There were also several individuals in the company who gave gifts.  Another company that G-Daddy works with, ARC Products (a Specialty Chemical Company), gave St. Jude $5,000 today.  The girls are doing such a great job and there are so many great people and companies out there.  We wish we knew how we could sufficiently thank them for supporting this great cause, and encouraging our family so much.

Some Shots Went Towards The Goal,
But A Few I Think He Was Aiming At Heads!!

Ingram Is Practicing For His Next Round With Scott Verplank!

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