Monday June 25th, Searching For The Sun!

So Tropical Storm Debby is trying to move in on our vacation and she made it a little unpleasant this morning!  We woke up first to the kids upstairs watching tv at 7am then to the sound of the winds and waves again.  We check the radar and realize that Debby is still basically sitting right next to us and spinning her winds and rain but not moving anywhere!  This girl is starting to get on my nerves!!!
Craig went running with Madison on her bike and I took Ingram and Lindsey in search of the sun so they could swim.  We have three pools within our sights but the most fun one was closed due to the weather; next we go to the one right behind our house and it's freezing cold water so we leave.  Finally we hit the jackpot with a pool that looks crowded; the only problem is that no one is in it because it's sooooooo cold.  Ingram starts throwing toys in the water so of course I make Lindsey get in and get them out.  Eventually she gives up and just swims with shivering lips chasing the toys Ingram keeps throwing in; you've got to understand I'm a Mom and have tons of toys in the pool bag!

Then the wind starts to pick up again and the rain starts to pick up more and we hightail it for cover.  The only problem is by now we've already ordered our lunch and have another 10 minutes till its ready  I know, what a problem to have...waiting on someone else to cook our lunch.  We managed to find a warm "living room " type room in a building off the pool and ate inside where we all stayed warm and dry.

Since it was so cold and wet where we were, we decided to head out in search of the sun.  Lucky for us, my sister and her family were about an hour west of us and they had sunshine plus wind and crazy waves.  The kids were all so excited to see each other again and happy at the thought of having a pool that wouldn't be cold to swim in and the gulf to play in also.  Well, they had the gulf with very close adult supervision because of the huge waves, but they didn't have a warm pool to swim in.  Their pool was freezing too and poor Ingram was more captivated by the waterhose and the outside showers than the pools or beach. 

After a long day playing at the beach/pool/waterhose/shower, we had dinner at this great place by the water that had outdoor seating, a playground, and about 5 sand volleyball couts with people playing various games on the courts.  Although the day started out dreary, we finished it out on a great note...just don't tell anyone that our kids didn't get to bed till almost 11pm AGAIN!!!!

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