Monday June 11th, Lindsey Has Landed!

Well, Lindsey the daughter hasn't landed yet, but Lindsey the butterfly landed this morning in dramatic nature just like the real Lindsey.  Ingram has been telling everyone how much he misses his girls ever since they left but wouldn't tell anyone what his butterfly was going to be named until today.  As you know last week, he named his butterfly Madison after his "big big sister" so it should come as no shock that this week's butterfly is named after his "big sister" Lindsey.  It's kinda funny though because when he was born, we got the girls shirts that said "big big sister" for Madison and "big sister" for Lindsey and I don't think I've referred to them as that until now since he was born.

He did a great job this morning and we even stopped by the donut store on the way to the hospital so that he would have his favorite donuts when he woke up.  Oddly enough, when he woke up, he told his nurses that he was ready to go to McDonald's for some hash browns so they both laughed when I came bouncing in the room holding the bag of donuts and milk with a big smile on my face.  Luckily Ingram said that he wanted donuts first so everything was peaceful in the recovery room!

After we did our standard recovery procedure (rolling upstairs in the wagon while eating and laying down while he watches a TV show on my phone), we left and headed towards Collierville to run a couple quick errands.  We ran into a friend and before I knew it, we were at Barnes and Noble playing with all the trains toys on the shelves and the train table.  It was a unexpected fun afternoon!

We've talked to the girls a lot today and they're so excited about coming home tomorrow; I actually don't know who's more excited this time between the girls or Ingram.  We were eating dinner at the counter on the bar stools with Ingram tonight and were talking about how our crazy meter was about to go up a gazillion notches once they're home.  Don't get me wrong, we miss them so much and can't wait to see them; I'm just hope we can keep a little calm going even though the house will be full and loud just like normal again.

Eating 1 Huge Donut And 8 Donut Holes Make Up For Missing Breakfast Today!

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