Friday June 8th, Another Fabulous Friday!!!

We had the privilege of having Mimi and Pops with us during treatment today.  We traded times with a friend who wanted an early start home; instead of leaving the house at 6:30am we left at 9am.  It was great knowing that I didn't have to wake him up before 7 AND that we didn't even have to set an alarm clock either.  We all left the house and headed to the hospital in great moods and even started watching Buzz Lightyear and Woody on the way.

Once we were there, Ingram was running and kept looking back to make sure Mim and Pops were still right behind us.  We checked in at Mrs. Gloria's desk as usual and I think Ingram even wanted to get blue bands for Mimi and Pops.  Next he took off for the elevators and ran right through a group of motorcycle guys getting a tour and he was still yelling for Mimi and Pops to follow him.  

Before he went to the back for his sedation, all the kids that were around in the Radiation Oncology had a project to do for the Child Life Specialist.  She was in need of decorating a room and had a few things that needed to be painted.  It was so much fun!!! They painted a picture of a huge tree, huge cut-out people, and regular paper with rainbows for the sky.  It was sooo messy too and the thing's okay to get a little paint here and a little paint there because that's what it's for!

By the time Ingram got back to the recovery room, no one else was there so Mimi and Pops were allowed to come back into the recovery room.  I think they were quite excited when they walked in and saw Ingram sitting up in his bed asking what he was going to eat.  Luckily, I had stocked up on the two things we talked about on the way to the hospital, orange gatorade and cheetoh puffs.  But they also had corn and rolls in the cafeteria so I grabbed those too and it was a good thing that I did...check out the pictures below to see why!

We also made a stop at the zoo on the way home to check out the dinosaurs again.  Ingram has decided that since he's already great at being a nurse AND a doctor and a professional golfer he needed to find a new profession.  He has already graduated from the School of Paleontology and is already in the process of finishing his first actual dig!

Ingram finished out his day playing baseball in the yard and taking Beau and Izzy (Mimi and Pops' puppy) on a walk.  It was tricky but somehow we managed to home without too many problems.  Then we had a late night bike ride to the Mexican restaurant for dinner and the ice cream store for dessert with Daddy!  What a great day we had; I wonder what we'll do tomorrow!!!

"Thanks Mommy!  I Love Corn!"
"No I Don't Need A Spoon; I Got This!"
This Just In...Dr. Ingram Dismuke Has Found Dinosaur Remains.
Then He Rode Off On A Horse;
It Kept Going In Circles, So He Got Off.

After His Expeditions Of The Day And A Misbehaving Horse,
He Was Roaring Mad With A Mouthful Of Cheetohs
And Left On The Next Trolley That Came His Way.

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