Thursday May 31st, A Great Day!!

Despite our whole family being super tired, our day was great!  Today was the first day that Ingram didn't cry AT ALL during the sedation, radiation, or waking up!  He helped out with every aspect of his day morning from taking his tape off Spiderman, cleaning the cap, flushing his line, and hooking up his line to the tube.  He even made sure that his fluids were hooked up and then covered the line up with his blanket.  He was so busy watching Superman that he didn't realize everything else that was happening and went down with just a tiny whimper.  21 down, 12 to go.

While we were playing and watching tv, Ingram told me that he wanted bacon and gatorade for his breakfast.  At first it was chocolate donuts, then it was pancakes, then rice krispie treats, but now it's bacon for the second day in a row.  Can you imagine waking up from being sedated and asking for bacon?  Whatever works though I guess!  Oh HUGE news...Ingram gained 6 ounces from our last weigh in on last Thursday and it was definitely a cause for celebration!!!

Next up was labs getting drawn where once again he helped do everything.  The nurses are so great and let him (and the other kids) help even when it takes twice as long because it keeps them happy.  We also watched The Lion King for a bit between appointments and had lunch.  Every time we passed a phone, Ingram wants to make phone calls; today, he wanted to call Daddy at each phone and then when we were eating lunch, he sent him a text message.  It was a message of random letters and numbers which promptly got the response "Hey Ingram!" since it was obvious it was him.  I guess he learned that one from his sisters. 

We also had our regular clinic visit and speech therapy today which was on our original schedule that started at 7:45am and ended at 2:00pm which made for a pretty long day.  An hour long trip to the medicine room was added to our schedule since Ingram was having a reaction to the "lung medicine" and needed to switch medicines. What we thought was radiation rash they believed more to be a reaction to his antibiotic.  The new medicine is a monthly iv infusion that took an hour to run as he slept on a bed snuggled up with me. It was great to be snuggly with him for that hour but it would have been even better if I had slept too.  Oh well, maybe next month I'll come in extra tired on infusion day and get all cozy again and take a nap.  

Ingram's New Favorite Snack...Marshmallows!

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  1. Yay for a good day! And weight gain!!! I saw your photo shoot on FB and have been following your story ever since. Ingram, you, and your entire family are such an encouragement. I can only hope that if I faced similar a similar situation with my boys I would handle it with as much grace and faith as you are. My prayers are with all of you. I have asked my Sunday school class to pray for you too. We are following and rooting for you every step of this journey! God bless your sweet family!