Thursday June 28th, Driving Home : (

Oh how we dreaded leaving the beach today!  I'm not sure which part we were dreading more; the never-ending question of "How Much Longer?", the anxious pleading of "But I Can't Hold It Anymore!!", returning home to over 100 degree temperatures with no water relief anywhere, or the uncertainty that would be facing us once we were back to our new reality. 

For the most part, the drive was uneventful but full of fun and little one-liners that would come from the backseats at different moments.  In my observation, with girls the vacation begins when you pull out of the driveway and is about having fun while we're getting there.  Also in my observation, with guys, it's all about the destination meaning how fast the car gets packed, how fast the stops are, how few stops there are, and making sure that cars we pass don't pass us again.  Craig has come a long way and now I think he enjoys the drive to and from almost as much as we do. 

We girls of the Dismuke family are definitely known as lolly-gaggers and are so slow at stops for food, gas, and restrooms.  Ingram was with Craig at the car pumping gas or something when we were coming out of the store and we affectionately heard "Girls, Get Your Move On!" coming across the parking lot in a very loud voice.  No, it wasn't was Ingram!!!  I couldn't believe it, but then again I was sooooo ready to be home by this time. 

Since it took us a little longer, we weren't going to be at the kennel before they closed to pick up Beau from his week-long vacation.  The kids were so sad that we wouldn't get Beau, expecially becuase he would have to wait until Friday afternoon till we could pick him up.  We called Jennifer Murphy (great neighbor, friend, and most importantly our vet's wife) and she was able to pick up Beau and bring him home for us so that Lindsey would be able to see him.  She so badly missed him on our vacation and was crying before we even got out of the state of Tennessee!

Beau Hitching A Ride Home In The Murphy Car!

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