Friday November 16th, Fun Friday!!

What's more fun to a little boy than looking at tractors in all the construction around town?  Riding on them of course is way more fun and the perfect placed for that is at Tractor Supply Company!  Ingram wanted to test out all the mowers and tractors sitting outside the store and of course he went for the most expensive one first. We went there to get Beau a new crate since he's been living in his tiny puppy one from day one.  We're not sure what he thinks about his new crate, but he sure loves his new bed, or should I say his first ever bed!  We put it next to the fireplace and he crawls in it when no one is around and just takes a break from the chaos of our house. 

After that we headed to PetSmart in the Costco parking lot and ran in to our friend Tara Teutsch!  She was running into Costco to get some ham and Ingram got really excited about it.  For some reason when she said ham, Ingram thought about turkey and wouldn't stop talking about turkey and asking for turkey.  I couldn't say no because he kept saying that it was good protein and he needed it to grow; at four years old he's starting to use my words against me...this is not a good indicator of the teenage years!  Once we got home from all our errands including the Honeybaked Ham Store, our day quickly turned into overdrive as there was a ton of stuff to do!! 

We got a phone call and our plans for the whole family to leave town turned into just myself and Ingram leaving town first thing Sunday morning for New York!  To add to the excitement, we're going to be on TV Monday talking about St. Jude and how they help kids battle cancer.  Of course, the first thing I could think of (and I know this is terrible, but it's true) was that I haven't had a haircut since May and it's looking pretty ragged.  Then the second thing I thought about was how much fun it's going to be with just Ingram for a couple days with no other responsibilities.  Madison and Lindsey are 100% upset that they don't get to go, but logistically it just didn't work out to have the girls because they'd be missing their soccer tournament and school!  Plus, Craig has some pretty big stuff going on at work that he needs to take care of before he's off for Thanksgiving. 

Ingram and Daddy went to the ECS Football game again tonight so that I could get a lot of packing done and to see our new friend Brent play again!  With the game going into double over time and then the necessary playing on the field after the game, those two turkeys didn't get home till close to 11pm.  Ingram had a blast and came in talking non-stop about he saw Mr. Brent play football and how they stood up and cheered for him.  Ingram even played with Brent's brother Josh and his sister Alden for quite a while after the game before they headed home.  It definitely wasn't hard getting Ingram to sleep tonight after such a fun late night; I just hope that he's a happy camper in the morning when we have to wake him up early!

We've also had some more exciting news once again on the fundraising front both home and away!  The Tri Delta's that Craig and the girls visited at James Madison University have reached a new level of awesomeness!  The girls took over the dining hall at their school and turned it in to DHOP and served tons of people breakfast to raise money for St. Jude!  They raised a total of $2775.50 during the event itself, but then went even further; they had almost 500 people write letters to family and friends to fund raise for St. Jude too!  They've made a pretty cool video from the event that we wanted to share.  It's and it includes footage from the actual event and includes some of the gals that Craig and the girls met!  Also, the group from ECS Forest Hill that we talked to this week also has created a video and published it as part of their fundraising for the St Jude Marathon Weekend.  It's out on Facebook and a link has been put on my Facebook page at!/ashley.j.dismuke if you would like to see how excited these kids are about running for St. Jude! 

"Aww, Please Daddy??  I Need One!"

"Finally After Almost A Year, They Finally Bought Me A Bed!"

"But Daddy, I Don't Want To Go Home, I'm Not Tired!
Can We Stay Longer And Play With Mr. Brent??"

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