Tuesday November 6th, Back At Our Second Home!

Oh we had so much fun today!  We went back do to St. Jude for Ingram's speech appointment with Mrs. Angela; I have to admit when the Scheduler called I was soooo excited to have a reason to go to SJ.  Even though it has only been a week since we were there last, we miss seeing all the people we've been around on a daily basis since April.  It's really such a fun place and now that we're home, I find myself wondering what all we're missing.

We made our way to the Chili's Care Center to see Mrs. Penny at the Hope Boat desk.  Ingram and Mrs. Penny have a special connection (it may have something to do with their red hair) and she still remembers welcoming a certain teary-eyed Mommy and Daddy who were at least 30 minutes late for their first day at St. Jude.  She was so kind to us and gave me a great big hug right as we came to her desk and then she walked us all the way over to the Patient Care Center and helped get us signed in for the first time.  Ingram always has to see his Mrs. Penny when we get to SJ to give her a hug, but today we had two gallon bags of tootsie rolls from our neighbors, the Nicells, to give to the kids at St. Jude.  Mrs. Penny's eyes lit up when she saw the bags and we plan on taking another load of candy up there next Tuesday when we have our speech appointment.

We had lunch in the cafeteria and Ingram ate one scrumptious grilled cheese, some tator tots, and lemonade.  We had the best entertainment possible too, because we sat at the very of the cafeteria and faced the construction site.  They're building the new Proton Radiation Center and a Surgery Center; we actually met the guys running the show when we were at the Grizzlies Tip-Off Luncheon last Monday and they were super nice.  At one point while we were eating lunch, there were three different cranes running at the same time; Ingram was super excited once again with all the bulldozers, cranes, and construction workers he saw. 

Speaking of eating, Ingram has been eating like a champ for about a month now, but he hadn't been weighed in a few weeks.  After we were done with all of our playing, we snuck into Assessment/Triage and hopped on the scale.  I'm thinking his last weight recorded was around the 15.4 kg mark and we're happy to report that Ingram weighed in at a whopping 16.0kg!!  In pounds, that's 35.2 pounds and is 1 whole kilogram gain or 2.20 pound gain from where he was the day before all this started.  Of course, you've also got to take into account his lowest weight of 13.5kg and all the ups and downs he had during treatment.  Even though we are so excited that Ingram is looking good and feeling good, we're praising God that He is the One that has carried Ingram and our whole family to this point!!

Ingram And Mrs. Penny!
These Red Heads Stick Together And She's The First Person Ingram Sees Most Days At St. Jude!

Watching The Construction Workers, The Three Cranes Moving At The Same Time,
And The Bulldozers Made For Some Fun Entertainment During Our Lunch!

Woohoo!!! 16.0kg Baby!!

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