Saturday and Sunday November 3rd and 4th, Extra Sleep For Everyone!!

Saturday morning started with a run to Gibson's Donuts for Madison, Ingram, and Daddy while I took Lindsey to the doctor.  While they ate too many donuts, Lindsey was getting some much needed one-on-one attention from Mommy in the doctors office and then grabbing breakfast on our own too.  After breakfast and a run through the pharmacy, we headed off to deliver t-shirts to a few houses around Germantown by our house.  We also headed to Costco and bought a super cool t-shirt organization system to help us stay on top of the Kids Conquering Cancer shirt sales. 

Our friends the Whelans and the Bargers once again headed to the soccer fields first thing Saturday morning and set up tables selling shirts and taking donations from the Germantown Legends/Happy Feet Soccer family.  It is always so fun to see folks around town wearing our Ingram shirts.  Germantown Football League was also selling shirts again and wrapping up their regular season with tallying up donations for Team Ingram and St. Jude!  It's so heartwarming to see the community gathering around families going through difficult time and the great thing is that we're not the only family that has been the beneficiaries of such kindness.

Saturday night, the Ferebee family came over and had dinner with us and talked more about the fundraising events they are planning.  Ingram and George had a blast with the remote control cars and the Nerf guns; if you haven't taped a cell phone to a remote control truck and put it on FaceTime, it's definitely worth a try.  Despite knowing that we would have an extra hour of sleep due to Daylight Saving Time, we still put the kids in bed around 9 so they could get some much needed rest!  Madison and Ingram slept together again while Lindsey slept in her room since she was still coughing a bunch. 

Sunday morning was extra sweet!  I woke up to the sound of laughter as Madison and Ingram were playing in his room; all I heard was giggles through the monitor.  It made my morning even better after a full night's sleep and I just loved it!  We headed off to church and Ingram loved playing in his class and seeing his friends.  He was walking around saying "Scans are clear!  Scans are clear!" so that everyone would know his great news!  We also went to the Pierce's house for lunch and the kids (all 9 of them) plus three dogs played outside while we ate lunch.  Ingram also got a nap in Sunday afternoon and was ready to play with new friends, the Rooker Family.

Brent Rooker, a Senior at ECS, has been asked to be a part of the 7th Annual Power House Showcase Event in Miami Florida in December.  He will be hitting home runs in honor of Ingram and spreading awareness about St. Jude and Childhood Cancer as a part of  "Home Runs That Help."  While he's at bat, pictures of Ingram and Brent will be displayed on the screen and the broadcasters will be telling Ingram's story and also talk about St. Jude.  It's an amazing opportunity to spread awareness about Childhood Cancer and we couldn't be more excited to bea a part of it.  We had so much fun playing with the whole Rooker family Sunday night and look forward to more fun times ahead...including this coming Friday night when Ingram will watch Brent play in the ECS High School football game!

Loving The Weight Gain Courtesy Of Gibson's Donuts!

 Madison Has Been Attempting To Teach Ingram His Letters.
Check Out His Spelling Of "Firetruck" In This Video!

Madison's Friend Emily Was Manning The Table With Her Dad At Cloyes Soccer Field!
Saturday Was A Beautiful Day In Memphis And They Raised A Ton Of Money For St. Jude!


We're Fully Stocked And Super Organized Now With Our New Shelves!
It Should Make Getting Your Order Faster Now That Inventory Is Stocked!

Boys Will Be Boys!
Ingram And The Pierce Boys (Si And Andrew) Playing Outside After Eating A Little Lunch!
Can't Wait To See These Three On The Ski Slopes After The New Year!

Ingram And Brent Rooker!
Brent Has Signed With Mississippi State To Play Baseball Next Year,
But For Now, He's Settling For Baseball "Ingram Style" In The Driveway!

Speaking Of Baseball...Check Out Ingram's New Version Of Running The Bases In This Video!

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