Monday November 19th, Showtime!

Thanks and Giving has officially started!!  Marlo Thomas kicked it off on The Today Show this morning and then she scooted on over to 770 Broadway where our one and only Ingram the Conqueror was ready to get his move on...LIVE!!  We met Barbara from ALSAC and rode over to the studio while Ingram was talking just about non-stop about the taxi we were in, the trucks we saw, and the fact that we had a repairman from the hotel come fix our window in the room.  Let me explain a little, we have a wonderful view from our room, but this morning our curtain didn't want to work so I tugged and tugged at it to raise it; it's on a bike chain looking thingie and it was stuck and as hard as I tried and as long as I worked with it, it just wasn't going to budge.  Now it's fixed and we can see everything just perfectly!

We got to the building and went in and had to wait on our passes to go upstairs.  There was a huge Christmas Tree in the lobby and Ingram just couldn't keep away from it;  I think he probably touched just about every ornament and present that was in his reach!  Once we got up to the studio, they showed us around and Ingram got to look at the set where we would be sitting for the show.  Then we went into the Green Room where we all were getting ready; for us,  it meant getting mics on and playing with Play-Doh.  The Producer was so sweet and she asked Ingram if he needed anything and he said maybe some Cheerios.  About two seconds later, she comes in with a brand new unopened huge box of Honey Nut Cheerios and a huge grin on her face; at that moment, I think everyone in the room had smiles all across their faces watching Ingram getting excited about his very own box of cereal.

Ingram and Marlo walked to the set hand in hand but he kept looking to make sure I was there too right behind him.  We all took our seats and Ingram sat right in between Marlo and Josh (the host of the show) and looked so cute!  He was quite at first then turned in to quite the character; he even started talking while Marlo and Josh were talking and I wasn't quite sure what to do since he was in the shot and it was live.  They both stopped and bent down and started talking with him and then like pro's, they used what he said to get straight to their next point.  I had no idea what the interview was going to be like, especially what they were going to ask and I was a little nervous about how Ingram would act too.  I think they made him (and me) feel so comfortable that it all ended up pretty good in my opinion!  He's such a little stud so I guess even when he said "Get Your Move On!" and they had no idea what it meant, he got away with a little silliness and then moved on to talking about what he likes to do at St. Jude.  We had been talking with him about things they might ask, but none of them came up...especially the part about which sister was his favorite...BOTH!!!  That answer alone made me a proud Mommy!

After the show, we took pictures and then headed back to get our stuff from the Green Room.  Marlo came back in and talked for a few minutes and thanked us for coming up early without the family and asked for me to email the pictures so she could post them on her blog too.  Ingram was a little tired as we were heading back to the hotel so after we ate lunch, we headed up to the room for another quick nap so that he can have fun with..... Jessica Spiegler, our favorite Tri Delta from James Madison University!!!  We met up with Jessica for dinner and walked around a bit till we found just the right spot to eat with Ingram other than the corner hot dog stands which was his first request!  After dinner we found two favorite shops for us...the Hershey store and the M & M's store and of course we hit both up for a little after dinner dessert.  On our way back to the hotel, we found a huge surprise above the street on a billboard; it was the Thanks and Giving billboard and it has Ingram's big beautiful smile smack dab in the middle of it!  Ingram got so excited when he saw it that we stood across from it and took pictures of it while doing the happy dance!  If you thought the magazine adds were cool, this billboard takes it to a new level!!

At home, Craig managed to get her early stuff done at the office then made sure the girls got off to school on time.  Then since he's such an awesome Daddy, he was able to watch Madison play in the Fifth Grade Volleyball Tournament in all her games before checking Lindsey out and taking her to the orthodontist for her appointment.  Today was a big day for her because she got to get her braces off; they've been on since June of 2011 and she's been waiting on today ever since Dr. Sandusky told her she was getting close.  Now she gets to get a whole big bag of movie theatre popcorn all to herself and all the other things that she hasn't had in about 15 months!  She also had a make-up soccer game tonight and they all hung out in the cold watching her.  We miss Daddy and the girls but have talked to them several times today and can't wait to see them!

Once again here's the link for the Huff Post Live Show..'s-hospital/5085a63578c90a444c000175

It Hasn't Even Been 24 Hours In New York And We've Already Broken Something!
It Could Be A Long Week, But At Least Now We Can See Out Our Window!

Ingram's Favorite Present Was The Little Blue Box In Front Of The Big Pink Box
And His Favorite Ornament Was The Long Glittery Gold One Behind His Head!
I'm Just Now Realizing Where The Glitter On His Head Came From Too!!!

Getting Ready In The Green Room...That's Actually Blue!

Ingram Walking Into The Studio With Marlo!

Ingram With Marlo And Josh After A Successful Show!!
We Didn't Get The Memo To Wear Blue!

Then Again His Coat Was The Right Blue!
He Was Still Eating His Cheerios When We Left The Studio For The Taxi!
Somebody Else Had A Big Day Today Too!!
Daddy Took Lindsey To Get Her Braces Taken Off!
Way To Go Peanut!  We Can't Wait To See You!!

We Stopped At A Pizza/Pasta Shop For Lunch Today,
But Ingram Decided He Didn't Like The Green Things In His Noodles.

We Ended Up Finding Another Hot Dog Cart On The Street For A $3.00 Hot Dog Which Hit The Spot!
Luckily For The Trash Can, The Hot Dog Bun Had Plenty Of Company
And Didn't Feel Lonely When Ingram Tossed It Away!

Ingram Has Been Eating So Much That He's Getting Heavier Too!
Miss Jessica Took A Turn Giving Him A Piggy Back Ride After Dinner!

Hershey Store!!!
Oh My Lindsey Would Go Crazy In Here!!!

WooHoo For M & M's!!
Mommy Went Crazy In Here!!
Good Thing Miss Jessica Was Still With Us To Keep Us Under Control!!

New York City...Meet Ingram!

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