Tuesday November 20th, Totally Terrific Tuesday!!!

We have decided that we love New York City because there's a McDonald's just about on every block!! This morning we ventured to a new one and even ate upstairs at a table where we could see everyone coming and going. That little joker ate two whole hash browns and drank a whole apple juice box; pretty soon, he's going to be weighing the same as a regular 4 year old and might even make it into a size 4 pair of pants by Christmas!  It was pretty fun wandering around the Times Square area after breakfast and Ingram didn't even complaining about walking everywhere. The best part our hotel is using the "back" door through the movie theatre and walking outside to see the cutest billboard ever!!

We took it easy and played in our room until after noon when we figured we would go to the lobby and see what was happening there. We were ecstatic when we saw lines at the desk which meant some of our other St. Jude families might be here.  As we looked around like little spies, we spotted two of the cutest girls standing in line with a good looking talk dark and handsome man...Madison, Lindsey, and Craig had made it safely to New York City!!  The next thing I know, I'm in the middle of the lobby and Madison was running full speed towards me and jumped up in my arms; she was the first one to see us and Lindsey followed once she realized what was happening.  After we delivered their bags to the room, we headed out for lunch our favorite way and of course couldn't wait to show them the billboard;  their faces were priceless and it was one of those moments I wish I could freeze forever!

After lunch, we headed back to the room so that Daddy and Ingram could take a quick nap!  Daddy did all the packing for the girls AND himself and didn't get as much sleep as he normally would and Ingram needed some sleep too.  Once they were asleep, the girls and I snuck out to Ripley's Believe It Or Not! and definitely saw some things that I couldn't quite believe.  Once they were up from their naps, we headed out to catch a taxi and decided it was taking forever; I know crazy huh?  There was a lot of stuff going on outside so we ended up taking the Subway instead and that was an adventure in itself with three kids.  The last time we've been on a subway with them was in DC and Ingram had just turned 1!  It was definitely fun and all three of the kids enjoyed it as well as everyone that was around us too!  It seems that kids laughing and playing is such a contagious thing!!

We hit a few stores on the way too and finished our night out at Toys R Us once again!  Ingram was really excited about taking the girls on the Ferris Wheel and was even more excited when we ran into Helen and her family in the store.  Madison and Lindsey were just as excited because they rode in the plane from Memphis next to her.  After a ride longer than any of us bargained for on the Wheel, we headed back to the hotel to start getting ready for bed but hit a bump in the road; let's just call the bump Ingram!  With such a late afternoon nap, it took Ingram quite a long time to fall asleep and that wasn't helping out Craig who has to be out of the hotel by 4am to make it to the CNBC studio in time to be on the air at 5 in the morning! 

Ingram Was Doing The Happy Dance On Top Of The Bed Waiting On The Girls And Daddy!
No Way Mommy!  I'm Not Sharing My Hash browns!

Sweet!  They Were So Excited To See Ingram Up On The Billboard!

They Did This All Day And Night!
They Were So Excited To Be Together And What's A Better Way To Walk Or Run Down The Street??

My Lunch Dates!

They Were Definitely "Up" To Something!

Not To Worry...Ripley's Believe It Or Not Gave Us Some Great Ideas For Discipline!

Or Maybe We Should Call It Punishment!

Watching The Snowflakes Change Colors To The Christmas Music!!
I Can't Wait To Start Playing My Music Non-stop!!

I Think They're Excited Too! 
We Watched And Listened For A Long Time!

For Some Reason, Ingram Thinks That Because A Pole Is In The Middle Of The Subway
That's He's Supposed To Spin Around It Over And Over Again!
It's A Good Thing Craig Caught Him Because We Stopped Fairly Quickly Right After This!

Ahhh...The Joys Of Riding The Ferris Wheel AGAIN!!

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