Tuesday November 13th, Woohoo!!

Since today was Tuesday, we got to go to St. Jude for our Speech appointment and also to turn in some donations for the race weekend.  While we were there, we saw both Mae and Bailey in the cafeteria during lunch; Ingram devoured a grilled cheese and Cheetoh puffs in the fastest time ever then was ready to go play!  Ingram had also been asking to go to "school" a lot lately and I told him we had to ask Dr. Gajjar first before we could do anything like that.  I think that was my way of stalling, but we did get the green light to go back and Ingram's very excited!  I on the other hand, am a little nervous about letting him "loose," but I know it has to happen sometime and I 100% trust God to use the GBC WDP staff to take care of Ingram.  After talking to the Director, he's going to go this Thursday for the morning and see how things go.  He'll get to do the morning routine with his friends and stay all the way through lunch;  I think that's about all I'll be able to handle and honestly I'll actually be surprised if I go through with it. 

After we got home, we had about 30 minutes before we headed over to the ECS Forrest Hill Elementary Campus to meet some great kids!  There were about 30 kids that had signed up to run the Kid's Marathon during the St. Jude Marathon Weekend and they ran at school together once a week to get ready for the race.  They invited Ingram to come meet them and talk with them but since he wasn't old enough to drive, I took him over there and met everyone too!  These kids were so sweet and the minute they saw Ingram, they were wanting to give him hugs and Hi 5's.  They had our video ready to watch and then afterwards we (Ingram and Mommy) went to the stage and sat down with the kids and told them all about Ingram, Childhood Cancer, and St. Jude.  Ingram was quite the character, as usual, and at one point was giving Hi 5's with his foot while I was talking.  Then he wanted me to stand up so he could give me love pats while I was talking (which I didn't do) and he even snuck around behind me and leaned in for a puppy dog kiss all while I was talking.  He's such a nut, but he loved meeting the kids and running around the gym with them while they ran their laps.  They were so sweet too and all donated money while we were there for bracelets that they could wear; they even gave Ingram a pillow that they had all signed so that he'd remember them.  After just meeting these kids, we are so proud of them (and their parents) for taking their time to spend time with us but more importantly to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Okay...more big news about fundraising!!!  As most of you know from prior posts, Germantown Football League has been raising money this football season for Team Ingram and St. Jude.  They've sold t-shirts at the fields, had lemonade stands on street corners, and individual teams have done additional fundraising during the games by points, punts, tackles, etc having dollar amounts attributed to them.  Today, they turned in all the money they had raised from the everyone involved with the GFL and ...............drumroll please............ they raised $10,000.00 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ten Thousand Dollars to help kids like Ingram have a better chance at kicking cancer in the behind!!  We were blown away by this amount and when we told the girls, their jaws almost hit the floor! 

With this $10,000 and other donations that are currently being processed, it looks like both of the girls might possibly hit their goal of raising $100,000 for St. Jude each... making it $200,000!!!  Words cannot express how it feels to know that other people are trying to save Ingram's life and the life of every child that's diagnosed with cancer and other catastrophic diseases.  We know that God is our healer, but we also know that He's given people intelligence and compassion to help against this battle that we're in with Ingram.  It's so comforting to know that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there that are donating to St. Jude in every different amount to help win the war against childhood cancer and for that, we are thankful too. 

Even Though Madison And Lindsey Didn't Get To Meet The Kids At ECS Today,
The Ecs Kids Got To Meet The Girls Through Their Video.

I Tried, But I Guess I Just Can't Compete With Kids When There Are Hi 5's To Give Out!
Ingram Did This For Few Minutes While I Was Talking About His Surgeries, Radiation, And Chemotherapy.

I'm Talking About How Fun It Is At St. Jude When Ingram Decides To Have  Little Fun Too!
Nothing Like Puppy Dog Kisses To The Cheek In Front Of About 30 Kids And Adults!
In Case You Don't Know, Puppy Dog Kisses Are Flat Tongue Licks Across The Cheeks Like A Puppy Dog!
Crazy, I Know!!!

All The ECS Kids That Are Running For St. Jude!!
They're Shouting "What's Your Reason?"

Ingram May Be Little, But He Kept Up With The Big Kids Even Wearing His Regular Clothes And Shoes!
I'm Not Sure How Many Laps He Did, But I Quit Counting At Five!!

The Girls Were Jealous That They Were Still At School And Didn't Get To Go To ECS.
But, They Were More Than Happy To Help Ingram Decorate His New Pillow From His New Friends!

In Honor Of The Germantown Football League, I Figured I'd Post A Bunch
Of Random Pictures To Recap Our Fun Time With Them!
Thanks GFL!!! 
In The Words Of Our Almost 9 Year Old Daughter Lindsey, You Guys Rock!!!

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